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Saturday, June 21, 2014

Puppy Happiness

One of the great joys of having a dog store is getting to know all of our customers and their pets. How about this adorable baby girl? She is the light of her mom's life this summer. There really is no such thing as too cute, fortunately for this precious girl.

A new puppy is so much fun, but certainly work. Those housetraining trips that interrupt your sleep, little needle teeth that need to constantly be working on something, and the scheduling demands that are necessary to develop good habits, it's work all right. But oh, that puppy breath smell! That cheerful, what are we doing today, tail-wagging attitude is such a joy.

I've always thought that dogs teach us so much. And they start their lessons early, even in puppyhood. While we're trying to convey to them the basics of walking on a leash and making timely visits to that rest room in the great outdoors, puppies are showing us just how fascinating something as simple as a leaf can be. They remind us that if you're tired, the best thing to do is just curl up and nap for awhile.

Their innocent trust and unconditional affection are gifts that are freely bestowed on us as dog owners, or as we sometimes consider ourselves, dog parents. What an amazing and simple joy it is to interact with these precious furries who embrace the present, yet are so untainted by all that is shallow and disappointing in the world around us. How rich we are to share our lives with these little beings who renew us with their simple goodness.

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Cloudy with a car ride

Today it finally cooled off here in Seattle. We are so glad to have our fresh, slightly overcast, native weather back. Decided to take a trip out to Ikea for some storage cubes. I do know that really organized people don't shop chronically for storage systems, etc. However, I did need something to contain my 3-ring binders which keep all my projects sorted, so there you go.

Arlo on his first Halloween. Little did I know that the monkey outfit
would match his personality. Note the abandoned banana toy in favor
of doing a little pumpkin carving of his own.

Arlo loves any outing, and being the gifted and spoiled little poodle that he is, I brought him along, if only for some people watching in the parking garage, and of course a little bite of lunch leftovers. My husband leaned over to him in the car and said, "Cloudy with a chance of meatballs," and the little guy looked pleased. He's always delighted just to be going along.

For a cross-town road trip, or a longer journey with your pet(s), today I ordered some very nice car harnesses for the store. These will work in the car for safe riding, and also function as walking harnesses when you reach your destination. Required in many states, car harnesses keep your dog safe on the seat and allow freedom of movement and good visibility. Look for these early next week.

Now to get those binders all lined up in their places...

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Keep Calm, Chill Out, and Go Swimming

This summer we have coats to help your dog learn to swim, stay cool, and keep calm.

The Guardian Gear Deluxe Pillow Pet Preserver is an innovative flotation jacket designed to help your dog learn to swim and gain confidence in the water. All dogs can swim, but they just don't know that. If you've ever introduced a dog to water  you know that it can be stressful for them and for you. This jacket has a removable flotation pillow that keeps your dog's head up, minimizing water into the face, avoiding that splash-in-the-face panic that the new dog paddler fears.

I just wish I'd had this for my dear German Shepherd Danny, who learned to swim in the ocean off Santa Barbara, California. I got pretty scratched up teaching that boy how to navigate the water, and he would have been so comfortable with a flotation jacket. His response to splashing water was to rear his head back, thereby increasing the water-in-the-nose panic, and he tried to land on me since it looked like I was standing securely in the water,  not treading it. We both almost capsized before he learned to calmly enjoy the ocean.

This Anxiety-Reducing Shirt by Kong is like a firm hug to calm your anxious pet. Gentle compression helps dogs deal with the stress of thunder, fireworks, and other stressful sounds and events. Reflective trim, and flexible Velcro closures enable you to fit this to your dog for comforting sense of safety.

As you get ready for the hot days ahead, prepare to keep your dog chill with the
Guardian Gear Cool Pup Coat
These were so popular with our customers last  year! Your dog will love you for providing this amazing comfort during the heat waves to come. An innovative design that will help your pet chill out this summer.

Our mission is to help you enjoy your dog. It's not time for winter coats right now, but we have what your dog needs to enjoy a terrific summer right here.

Friday, March 7, 2014

Happy Reading

Here is an upbeat dog story to enjoy with your morning coffee.

And here are some pictures of our customers - charmers all.





We always enjoy sharing our customers' photos on the blog. What a wonderful group!

Monday, February 17, 2014

Easter Dog Toys

It's going to be that time of year before you know it. Our Easter bunnies are all set to go to their forever homes. We're listing them today, so stop by and select your dog's bunny buddy today.



This duck wants you to adopt him first.

Pick up a few of our sturdy, high-bouncer balls with funny fortunes printed on them.

Or maybe a pretty new collar or two...

All our Easter collars are made in the  USA.

They're kinda like Jelly Beans. You can't have just one.

Shop now for your best selection.


These bunnies are priced to hop on out of here before you know it.
And don't forget the ducks - they are ready to fly off to meet
their new dog best friend.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Dog Show Fun

Here's a link to the Westminster Dog Show. Such happy and healthy-looking dogs and so much variety. I enjoy seeing all of them.

We just put all our vests on sale. Vests are the perfect transition-to-spring garments that will keep your pet cozy without sleeves or movement restriction.


Soft, fluffy, colorful, and cute. A lot like your best friend.

 10% off today!