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Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Vote for my dog!

If there's one thing I know about dogs, it's that they love to make us laugh. This shirt will bring a smile to everyone who sees it. Can you just see a little dog zooming around the dog park wearing this? We just have a couple of these, so don't miss out. You know your dogs would pick the silly stuff if they did their own shopping. And besides, your dog has the perfect qualities for the job: loyal, hard-working, protective, sensible, and dedicated to your best interests.
Well, it's early in the presidential campaign, and we have some fun political swag for your dogs. Limited quantities, great prices and free shipping, so get your election gear while it lasts.

Republican and Democrat collars, leashes, and that fun shirt up top. All made in the USA!

Monday, April 13, 2015

Seattle Mariners Dog Fan Gear

The season has begun and everyone here in Seattle is ready to go out and cheer on our Mariners. Our baseball stadium Safeco Field is an amazing bit of architecture with an almost steam punk feel. The beauty of the stadium is that it is visible from the air, the street, the freeway, the train, and the water. Likewise, you can get some great views from the stadium and fresh, Northwest air while you cheer on the team. (If it's raining, no problem, the field has a retractable roof.)

Seattle is said to have more dogs than kids. I don't know if that is true, but the dogs around here do wear lots of team gear. So we just stocked some very cool baseball jerseys with the team name and logo on the back (and #1 for your dog, of course), and a high-cut tummy with buttons. Such a classic look!

These should work well for dogs with wide necks, but if you aren't sure about your pet's size, just contact us. We are happy to compare your dog's dimensions to the actual garment to help you select the perfect size.

One thing we keep kind of quiet about here at Dog City Dime Store is our cat clientele. We know that many of them do wear team logo bandanas when their folks entertain, and so we have our Mariners bandanas in Small and Large.

(Here is our customer Rambo wearing his Seahawks bandana.)

Cute collars for Mariner dogs are available in Small, Medium, and Large right now. Pick up your pet's new baseball team gear today!

If you are visiting Seattle this summer, be sure to go to a game at the Safe (Safeco Field). You'll see some great Pacific Northwest scenery, fine food, and enjoy our favorite team. You'll see ferries, trains, seagulls, and quite a few Boeing airplanes if the rooftop is open. Lots of fun and friendly people here and a great team that remind us why we Americans love baseball.

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Go Pack Go!

And who is this sleepy boy? Our handsome customer, Hank, wearing his new Green Bay Packers football and laces collar.

Perhaps Hank is dreaming of Aaron Rodgers tossing a winning touchdown pass, the Packers winning the Super Bowl in 2016, or possibly just appreciating his wonderful folks, who take such good care of him and take him to Packers training camp every year.

Hank loves to play in the water at the beach or anywhere, even if it's just actively helping to wash the car. He is a "sweet boy and a good snuggler."

We love our Green Bay Packers fans at Dog City Dime Store, and have a fine pack of dogs who wear the licensed team gear with great style: Hank, Reggie, and Atlas are just amazing dogs.

And as Packers fans like to repeat, coast-to-coast, in any conversation, wherever they are,


Thursday, March 19, 2015

Singing in the Rain

We know raincoats here in Seattle, and so do our dogs.


That's my little guy right there, keeping his fresh trim dry and poufy. He's also showing you a design feature on all the raincoats we stock that allows you to attach a leash to your dog's collar, yet keeps him from getting wet.

That little flap with the dinosaur logo on it actually covers up the leash attachment slot so no drip, no wet, even when it's liquid sunshine.

The other neat trick that this design offers is clever folding option that allows you to tuck the entire raincoat into itself and it magically becomes

this portable pouch, perfect to store in your purse, car, pocket, or your dog's emergency pack.

We have raincoats in several themes and colors, so look around to find one for your pet. Choose from a whale, a monkey in a stocking cap, a green dinosaur, red ladybug, or busy, buzzy bee.

Here's our bee theme raincoat in blue 
and a fun monkey in olive green.


Not all sizes in all colors, so shop around, as it's time to get ready for April showers. Our prices will have you singing in the rain!

Friday, February 27, 2015

Easter Dog Goodies

We have your dog's Easter toys in our store. Starting with a couple of ducklings with appealing texture and lots of pickup points.

These little guys will work for even the smallest dog or puppy, with their embroidered faces and floppy legs - easy to drag around and great textural variety.

Whether you are looking for a bunny large or small, a little lamb, or perhaps another shape or size Easter toy, shop right here, where we have our best selection right now.

Pretty little lambs, small and soft.

Roly-poly chicks and bunnies,

and even flat, disk-shaped purple bunnies that your dog may want to play a little Frisbee with.

Easter collars and leashes, made in the USA in beautiful colors you'll use all year.

Here's a cuddle buddy for your large dog.

Don't you love those embroidered feet?
Hop on over to our store and check the Easter section for your pet's spring fun.
Quantities are limited, so shop soon for the best selection!


Friday, February 13, 2015

Hot Stuff!

You know it if you have one of those little dogs with a big attitude: always ready to prove themselves, walk with a strut, and bark out anyone with no hesitation. If you have a feisty little dog like my little tough guy, this is for you.

I just listed these chili pepper collars and leashes from Tuff Lock. Top quality, made in the USA, and full of fire. The perfect look for the dog who would favor a large hat and fancy cowboy boots.
Everything about these collars and leashes is quality: the patented quick-release buckle clasp,

and sturdy, yet flexible nylon webbing with stunning color.

I stocked these in two small sizes, so they are just right for the tiniest dogs, puppies, and Chihuahua, Yorkie, teacup pets.

We sell the chili toys, too. Safe, embroidered faces, squishy wide wale corduroy, and squeakers, they are the perfect size for a little dog with ten-gallon attitude.

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Go Pack Go!

Reggie, who will be 8 months old tomorrow

Football fans can learn a thing or two from this sleepy boy. It's all about representing for the team.
Green Bay Fans just love the game and their pack, and any dog would agree that those are what's important. It's not about win or lose, it's about playing your heart out and being there for those who do.

Late in January, with the Super Bowl a couple days ahead, is a great time to look back on a season that kept us all in adrenalin overload. This year football season gave us some amazing games, some fantastic football, and a sense of camaraderie among fans that cut through social barriers and everyday differences that keep us from remembering how great it is to celebrate our sameness.

Sometimes a call may not seem fair, injuries happen, and victory eludes us just when it seemed so attainable. That's when our togetherness gets us through. Dogs understand all that, and maybe teach it, too. It is their deep loyalty, nonjudgmental acceptance, and cheerful resilience that inspire all of us who share their lives.