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Saturday, November 30, 2013

Auburn Tigers Dog Gear Here

Congratulations, Auburn University! What a game that was today - Iron Bowl 2013
Just in case you want to see it one more time, Final Play

We've got your dog's gear here, so pick up some fabulous items while they last:

The Aubie costume shown above is our Bengal Tiger Halloween costume. A must for your Auburn events.

This gorgeous leash in a 5 foot long, 3/4" wide size that will work for most dogs.

And the finest little letter jackets for your four-legged Auburn fans. Go Tigers!

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Free Dog Toy

Why is this dog smiling?

Well, he may know he looks a little silly layered up like that, but like so many of our customers, Bugsy really loves to wear clothes.

Now Bugsy is a guy who knows when the weather calls for an overcoat, or a raincoat, or a sweater.
Dogs here in Seattle keep their raincoats handy, so a walk doesn't have to leave them wet and cold for hours. Our raincoats all fold up into handy pouches that are easy to keep in a pocket, purse, or car.

On a Seattle day like this one, Arlo is happy to wear his hi-viz raincoat.

I keep it by the door next to his leash.

Taylor is another customer who just loves getting his warm outfits on 
when he goes out on a chilly Northern California day.

Staying warm and dry when the weather is blustery?

 What's not to like?

This little girl is not only ready for the rain, 
she's looking absolutely adorable.

If you get a lot of attention and compliments about your clothes,
 who doesn't like dressing up?

Best friend turned down the thermostat? No problem.
When the house gets cool, 
put your cute Nordic sweater on and get cozy.

Angelo knows that a soft, fleece-lined hoodie makes a winter day relaxing.

Keep your dog warm and comfortable this winter with some
great gear from Dog City Dime Store.

Our customers all love their cozy clothes.

(When you make your order leave a comment to let us know that "Bugsy sent you"
and we'll pack a fun toy in with your hoodie sweatshirt,
sweater, rain wear, or winter coat.)

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Dog Sweater Season

It's that time of year - dog sweater season. This is when our homes are chilly and so are the pups. We have lovely sweaters in many patterns and sizes.

including these holiday sweaters -

our collection tends to favor the Scandinavian patterns, which are so timeless -

This new design called Northern Lights has an eye-catching blend of colors -

There are so many more in the store. Stop by and have a look. Your dog will love the cozy warmth.

Monday, November 11, 2013


Thank you, Veterans!

here's some great footage of pets greeting their vets -

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Heart Melter

When choosing inventory for our dog store I try to combine quality, usefulness, fun, style, and a fresh look. It is always exciting to list new items to share with our customers.

Our latest is a leash and collar that is so perfect.

I'll let it introduce itself.

 "I'm A Heart Melter From A Shelter"

Done in a lively green, this is a design by Jill Rappaport from the 
Rescued Me line, made by Yellow Dog Design, right here in the USA.

Yellow Dog Design uses a dye-sublimating technique to 
lock the color into the polyester webbing so that your leash
will stay bright and colorful. 

This fresh green is like the new start your shelter pet begins when
he or she becomes part of your family.

We have this in all collar sizes and leashes as well.

What a great gift for a newly-adopted dog. 

And aren't all the puppies and dogs in the shelter heart melters? 
A terrific leash for your rescue pet.

Here's our little heart melter, Hannah, who left the shelter just about two years ago.
On that ride to our home she was trembling, but brave.

Who knows what she had endured during her days as a stray. 

When she first arrived going through a doorway to outside
was difficult for her. She'd freeze in place, wanting to
walk over the threshold, but frightened.

 Hannah soon adapted to our home and family 
with poise and courage. Always the politest little dog
around, and a watchdog who means business.

She loves a soft, warm spot to snuggle up in,

and enjoys her morning stroll.

A precious heart melter like all the worthy animals at the shelter.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Seattle Seahawks for Dogs

Folks here in the Seattle area are pretty enthusiastic about their Seahawks. Every checker in the grocery store wears a jersey on game day, and stores are selling lots of fine fan gear.

We are adding some officially licensed dog fan gear to our store today so you can 

(around here that word is always followed by the word Hawks)

some of the best Seahawks Dog gear.

Here in Seattle we're not just about coffee and computers any more. Flags with Seahawk colors and the number 12 are flying in the neighborhoods. If noise has anything to do with it, it will be a good year for our great team.

24/7 Dog Shopping

Well, the government may be shut down, but we are open around the clock, as usual. Busy, busy, busy listing all kinds of wonderful winter dog gear.

Have a look at what we just added to our store.

This little Silly wearing the owl hat and sweater will stay cozy and adorable.
The hat has a space for ears, so the little guy will appreciate the extra warmth.

 We have these in tiny dog and puppy sizes XXS and XS.

 There is a penguin that is spelled C-U-T-E.

You'll find lots of new Nordic pattern sweaters. The classic Scandinavian designs are timeless. We stock these in most Small to Medium sizes. The Fair Isle patterns combine colors uniquely.

These are also fun if you have two dogs. Max gets the blue-green, Frieda the raspberry-orange.

When the news is discouraging, at best, and the cold, rainy weather descends like 
a bad mood, bring some Joy into your life with this lovely little design.

You know it's a message that your dog would love to wear.

Our dogs remain oblivious to the negativity,  reliable reminders that there's
fun to be found in every day. We just need to look in all the right places.

When it comes to appreciating every day,
all dogs are guide dogs leading the way.

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Dog Pirate Costumes - Aargh!

Our customer Bugsy makes a lot of growly, snuffly noises. Kinda like you might expect from a real pirate. In fact, I think he looks a lot like an old time swashbuckler right out of a book by Robert Louis Stevenson.

Here he is in his pirate costume, complete with pants, blouse and vest, and parrot toy.

The elastic loop under the hat is conveniently camouflaged by his Bugsy's jowls.

He seems to have somewhat adopted the pirate persona here, looking rather "Aargh."

Pirate costumes aren't just for Halloween anymore. We ship them all year to dogs in various Pirate Festivals and events throughout the country. Halloween is a great time to get your gear for the year.

We have these in most sizes right now, so sail on over to our store
and find a great costume for your pet today.