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Sunday, June 30, 2013

Too Early for Back to School

That's what they always say. School just ended here a week or so ago, so it's definitely too early to even whisper those scary words that start with the letters B, T, and S. So we'll just call this post

A is for Apple

I just love these leashes and collars! So cheerful and upbeat, like a trip to the farm market for bags of fresh produce.

This design is as eye-catching in the tiny sizes as it is in the Small. What little growler wouldn't look adorable in these happy apple collars.

The soft peachy-beige and cream background kinda suggests a basket to me, but perhaps that's because I'm in the farmer's market frame of mind. Nothing like the fresh strawberries, cherries, and all the other goodies.

Of course here in Washington state we love to try all the new and interesting apple varieties that come out every year, as well as our old favorites. Last year it was the Liberty Apple from Oregon that was my favorite, with the Honey Crisp a close second.

In another month or so we'll be heading to Eastern Washington for our annual apple buying venture.

Arlo's first road trip was traveling to the "other side of the mountains" as we call it here. Wheat and open spaces all the way make a very scenic drive.

Had to get out of the car and hold Arlo up to view that big shaggy beast in the distance. He didn't seem particularly impressed that it was a buffalo.

There are so many wonderful farm markets located in the apple growing region, it's difficult to choose just one.

I decided to go with the fruit stand that had the best selection of apples. Of course we had to bring home a few extra boxes for the neighbors and friends at home. The whole car had that great fresh apple smell on the ride home.

There's nothing like the first of the fresh crop, and with careful cool storage they keep for some time.

You don't have to wait until September to pick up some fresh apples, though. Find these collars and leashes in our store today!

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Shopping for Halloween

I must confess, I have been on a shopping binge recently. All for you, friends. Actually that would be for your dogs. It's the time of year to select our inventory of Halloween costumes, and I must admit, this year I went a little overboard.

That picture up there is when Arlo was a rowdy puppy. Although his monkey costume came with a nice, plush banana, he was more interested in attacking the eyebrows of our porch pumpkins.

His second year he got dressed up as an ear of corn. The little guy was finally beginning to mature a bit, and wore the kernels with dignity. (I think he liked the extra height that costume gave him.)

No pumpkin chewing this year, just one very impressive dog in disguise, like a harvest druid.

The thing about Halloween costumes is that they need to be hilarious, well-made, and suit the wearer. I thought of all of you while buying up so many of these. We'll have Extra Large to Extra Small, cute, creepy, and just so much really fun and amazing costumery.

Here is our customer Tucker, the most swashbuckling pirate
that ever sailed the seas.

We stock a few of our costumes throughout the year for special events and holidays, but come early Fall we'll be getting the entire selection online.

 At summer's end this little scarecrow might be fun to help you celebrate the harvest season.

If my pumpkin plants deliver on the 75-pound promise, maybe I can get Arlo to be my scarecrow for some pictures. (He does love to run after crows and see them fly up to get away from him.)

Because lots of people like to dress their dogs up for party invitation pictures and promotional flyers for special events, we'll be listing Halloween as soon as it arrives from the manufacturer. I'll post the date right here so you can select something perfect for your pet.

Monday, June 10, 2013

4th of July Dog Gear

We're old school patriotic here at Dog City Dime Store. Always have been and always will be grateful to be born in the USA.

Patriotic dog gear is never out of style,  but this time of year we like to stock some special items for your American dog.

Your pet will want to attend the parade or neighborhood barbecue dressed in style.

Our customers are loving these star-spangled shirts.

We added these leashes and matching collars just today.

They're made right here in the USA!

For you right now, here's some America-loving music to warm your heart

This bandana is perfect for your little patriot.

Just one of the many things I love about this country is how we Americans appreciate our dogs.  Service dogs, show dogs, hunting dogs, the all-American mutt, and every wonderful American pup that is a cherished member of the family - we celebrate them.

I also believe that our dogs appreciate this great country, where you can be who you are, roam from  sea to shining sea through some of the most beautiful scenery ever created, and get a friendly pat and a smile from every person you meet along the way.

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Brushing Your Dog's Teeth

We added an inexpensive, but necessary item to our inventory this week - the dog toothbrush.

Brushing your dog's teeth is considered the most reliable way to remove plaque and prevent the buildup of tartar. I know, it's enough trouble to have to brush and floss your own teeth regularly, without taking on an unwilling patient. Vets recommend daily brushing, though, and the cost of a professional dental cleaning, extractions, and the threat of health problems ensuing from tooth problems motivates me to try to keep up on my own dogs' dental hygiene.

These brushes have two ends, one small and the other large, for dogs of all sizes. Also, the small bunch of bristles is just right for the front teeth, while the wider bunch of bristles does a good job on the sides of the molars toward the back of the dog's mouth.

Human toothpaste is not okay for dogs. There are dog toothpastes on the market, which can make the brushing more tasty for your dog. (My dogs prefer poultry flavor.) Although dogs can get tooth decay like people do, it is not common unless you feed sugary, people treats. The main concern is a buildup of plaque, which can create tartar and lead to gum disease. Older dogs can suffer a lot of health problems due to neglected teeth, so a preventive effort with teeth is very important.

My strategy is to work fast and praise the dogs profusely, then follow with a crunchy treat. Like nail trimming, start with small, incremental steps and work quickly. Keep your dog comfortable and make this grooming routine upbeat and positive.

Here is a great article  from the ASPCA that explains how to introduce your dog to tooth brushing.

Dogs don't worry about having a dazzling smile, but they do value their teeth for function. Help them keep those chompers healthy with a new toothbrush and a little daily brushing.