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Friday, August 23, 2013

Camo Dog Gear and Duck Toys

Well, no one is beyond the influence of the most popular show on television. We have all kinds of camo dog gear as well as wild duck and bird dog toys arriving this week. So unless you live under a rock you know we're talking

Duck Dynasty!!!

Camo is a classic for dogs, and our customers have enjoyed wearing it over the years.

This is Tucker, wearing his camo raincoat with that down-home,
 outdoor boy look that just makes everyone more handsome.

This burly lad from Ireland is definitely the camo type of guy.

So, with all you Duck Dynasty fans out there, we decided to go all out and stock lots of 
new and fun camo items. Here you go:

A terrific backpack, bugout bag that every dog should own.

This has roomy compartments and straps that will balance the load.

Camo toys,

camo beds,

several styles in coats,


and lots of  collars

and leashes.

Wait, there's more...

this handy fanny pack includes a water bottle with flip-out lid
for drinking. Your dog can lap up some fresh water wherever  you roam.

It's all about the ducks, you know.

Every dog pretends to be a bird dog. Now we have the toys for all that practice retrieving.

These birds aren't stuffed, so they are perfect for fetching, carrying, and tug-of-wars for all
size dogs. We  have them in two sizes, and the smaller one can hold a recycled water bottle for
that crinkly, crackly sound effect that adds a lot of fun to the game.

If you  want camo, you'll be Happy, Happy, Happy when  you visit our store.

We have that practical, shows-no-dirt camo goodness 
in all kinds of new items for your best friend.

Be sure to stop by and see what's new.

 You may want to put together a Duck Dynasty theme Halloween costume, or stage a family portrait picture or two. Look for all these items in our store this week! 

One of the things we like about the show Duck Dynasty, and camo, is that it isn't about calling
attention to yourself - it's about real life skills and values that help you survive.

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Monkeyshines and Monkey Dogs

One of our most popular dog toys and clothing lines this last year has been the monkeys, Tiff and Ty.

Here is our customer Bugsy with his monkey buddy toy and new best friend.

Bugsy's a sweet and sentimental guy, and spends a lot
of quality time with his little Ty pal .

Tiff, our girl monkey, is here on a plum-colored sweater that will be perfect for your little girl. (Tiff always wears a little lipstick and a hair ribbon, being a very girly-girl.)

Monkey boy Ty is a little more sporty, in a striped hat with pompom.

Like typical monkeys, Ty and Tiff get into everything, and you'll see them on 
raincoats, harnesses, leashes, collars, and favorite toys in our store.

The Squeaktacular is filled with eight squeakers, a large toy
that's perfect for the bigger dogs out there.

Tiff and Ty are all ready for Christmas in their holiday gear. These are the same
size as Bugsy's Buddy, just right for the smaller dogs and puppies on  your gift list.

For Christmas Ty is decked out in plush, covering a rubber ball 
promising lots of fetching fun to keep things interesting.

You'll see Ty and Tiff on Christmas harnesses and bandanas, leashes, and more.
Just visit our Monkeyshines category in the store and you'll find monkeys galore.

But what about the adorable dog modeling these cute monkey clothes?

Can a dog face get any cuter than that?

It's an Affenpinscher. I've only seen one in person and it's a face I'll never forget. 
Click HERE for more information about the breed.

 Appropriately enough, this breed's name comes from the 
German word for monkey - Affe.

So in German we have affenartig (monkey-like), Affenhaus (monkey house)
and Affenspiel - or what we've named our store category for Ty and Tiff stuff

Step right in here and see what fun monkey gear we have for your pet!

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Cutest Little Tough Guy

Here is our adorable customer Gizmo wearing his new Tough Dog design harness.

Gizmo's mom shopped wisely for her puppy and picked his harness 
with a little growing room. 

Not only does this little guy look totally cute, he's getting used to wearing his gear for later.
He is so alert looking you just know this little doll will be a terrific watchdog.

Gizmo is a shelter adoptee with a great new home.

I love the determined look on this precious puppy's face. You can tell he's zeroed in on his new mom.

We love to get to know all our wonderful customers and help you get your little guys geared up and looking great.

This harness has a Tough Dog design that is perfect for small dogs that take themselves seriously. The harness is soft and comfortable, with a flexible red binding and fun knit fabric.

The print features some bad looking bulldogs and hydrants and other tough guy dog images and words that will suit your little guy perfectly. Little dogs know that image is everything and a great watchdog is often not the big tail-wagging, ball-fetching bird dogs at the dog park.

Welcome, Gizmo, to our family of customers. You make our harness look especially cute.

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Puppy Happiness

We have had so many happy puppy parents visiting or store recently. Their little ones are lucky to have such conscientious and caring new parents.

Some of our most popular items with puppy owners are carriers, door bells, and of course, toys.

These sling style carriers are the best in those early days when your little dog wants to be close and feel safe.

Arlo loved to ride around in his carrier when he was a young'un. His favorite pose was handing his head upside down looking around. He's always been a Mama's Boy, and in those early days he loved being with me while I went about my tasks. We sell these all year round, and stock them in various fabrications throughout the seasons. Right now we have the Fresh Water Paisley, which is a lovely print that reverses to a soft, pale blue.

These carriers are perfect for the early potty training stage when you want to avoid accidents, yet bond with your little one. It is so important to get the potty training right and start early, be consistent, and you'll have a little pro for life. If your dog is  in the sling, no accidents can happen. Win-win.

I spent so much time reinforcing proper housetraining with Arlo, but it gave me a little dog with impeccable manners. My pride and joy actually rings a bell when he needs to take a walk in the yard. Never in my wildest did I imagine that I'd have a dog that would actually do this, but sure enough, little Curly Top from Texas never misses.

 I got the Gotta Go door bell unit for him way back when. This is a plush dog that hangs from the doorknob and dangles some little jingle bells from its feet. Frankly, it seemed like such a long shot that he'd ever use it, but I was determined to try. Arlo picked it up right away, and was soon jingling the bells with great swagger.

At that point I decided to add these to my store's inventory so I could make them available to everyone.

It's easy to teach your dog to just make a swipe with his nose to get the bells ringing. Clear instructions are given on the tag. After that it's just a matter of consistency and oohing and aahing over your pet's brilliant behavior, and maybe a few special treats, to reinforce the signal.

This is subtle, effective, and will amaze your friends and family. You'll feel like a dog training genius when your dog uses the bells, and it truly is amazingly simple to teach.

Although Arlo is going on five he still always signals with his bells. Very Jeeves-like and dignified. My favorite moment is when someone is over, chatting in the living room and they hear a little tinkling of bells in the next room. then I discreetly I excuse myself for a moment to let my little pal out into the garden. The disbelief and amazement at my dog's manners never fails to make my day.
 For a moment I feel like Cesar Milan and Victoria Stilwell are high-fiving my puppy parenting.

Of course our puppy owner customers have fun select toys for their new dogs.
We have little plush squeakers like these -

                               perfect for a puppy or small dog.

and big huggies for the puppies that will grow up tall.

There's nothing quite like the fun of a new puppy. Lots of work, and so much love!