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Friday, May 1, 2015

Tubettini Cute Alert - Three Darling Dachshunds

This trio of adorable adventurers are our delightful Dachshund customers from Florida.

That's Jack on the left, Bentley in the middle of things, and Baby Girl Darla on the right.
These guys are so much fun. Their mom calls them her Tubettini.
That's an Italian take on the old frankfurter food reference for Dachsies.
 (And also a fun pasta shaped like our favorite long body dog.)

 Smart little dogs, and adventurous.
There's so much to enjoy in sunny Florida, where they live.
So what could be more fun than one Dachshund?
Well, three of them that like to team up and have fun together.
Getting together with family and friends and having a great time, isn't that what our dogs
remind us that it's really all about?
Our humble little pets truly are the wise ones, and by their happy presence show us the way.
These three little Dachshunds look for joy in every day, and find plenty
to share with their family and friends. 

Here at Dog City Dime Store our joy is getting to know all of our wonderful customers. Each of them brings a special happiness to those who share their homes and care for them. These three precious Tubettini are poster kids for how family dogs brighten our lives every day.


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