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Saturday, November 26, 2011

Go Blue and Roll Tide

One of my favorite categories of dog supplies is sports team gear. Whether it's a Buckeye or Tiger, Aggie or Dawg, our football fan customers are enthusiastic and friendly.

That's why we stock team logo collars, leashes, sweaters, and even though it's way past Halloween season, Tiger costumes.
You know that a dog's idea of fun would be to indulge in some of that game day party food and see who's running with the ball. Our own dogs love to zip around the house, zigzagging like quarterbacks to keep the ball away from each other. No fetching for this crew They like to take off and be chased, block, and intercept when they see an opportunity. Coachless, but not without talent.

I'm sure that dogs love their football fan families, who cook and share great eats, love a fast-moving ball game, and shout out cryptic slogans like Roll Tide! 

In spite of the grim economy, negative news stories, and cold, dark days of fall, dogs, like football fans, know how to have a great time. As we say up here in the Pacific Northwest, Go Dawgs!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Top Dog Model

I think we've found the next dog fashion world top model. Of course she has great bone structure and a toned body. But there's that kind of  "I could clean your clock with one punch," and "I make more money in one shoot than you do in a year" attitude in her slightly indulgent expression that gives luxury brands their cachet

Meet Darla!
Here she is, modeling a football team jersey the way it's meant to be worn.

Notice how her gaze extends far beyond beyond the camera, and she has artistically arranged her legs in an unassuming, casual dominance. We see that Darla is a New England Patriots fan, with the natural talent of her favorite quarterback, #12.

Here she is, in a more pensive mood, as if reliving the twists and turns of last weekend's game. (Can you spell mistakes?) Her range of expressions offers a designer unlimited opportunities to showcase quality clothing. The effortlessly displayed sleeve borders say so much about this jersey's soft, comfortable wearability. Darla's set jowls say everything that needs to be said about her fierce loyalty to the team.

With a slightly quizzical expression and a subtle shift in mood, Darla could be wondering if it might not be time for a small slice of smoked chicken, or a bit of salami from the game day party tray. We say she's earned it.

Way to go top model! Thank you for sharing some fabulous dog fashion with the world.

LSU Tigers and UW Dawgs - We have your gear!

Your dog wants to get in on the football fun! Here are a couple of purple and gold items that will give your pet a chance to show that team spirit.

Here's a cozy sweater

And a charming collar

Get these while they last, LSU Tiger fans, because the University of Washington Huskies are after them, too.

Wishing winning season to you favorite football team this year, and a lot of fun cheering them on.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Christmas Dog Cheer

one of the lovely Huskies owned by our customer and friend on the coast of Scotland
So, are we dreaming of a white Christmas? Maybe some interesting and interactive toys. Perhaps this gingerbread house with smaller takeout units.

Each one of the smaller toys has a squeaker, and it's quite a challenge to remove them from the house itself.

What I love about this dog toy is that it is actually four in one. Perfect for the multi-dog household (like ours). This is a great time to pick out your Christmas toys while we have our best selection.

It's also a good time to plan the holiday cooking. Around here, this will be the year we serve Gingerbread Waffles. This recipe looks like a winner. Here's another recipe by Rachael Ray. I hope the reviewers are right on these.

My small dogs give this favorite dog Christmas toy a rave review! 
A very enthusiastic wag and yap for the plush gingerbread house and the three little toys that live there.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Santa's Workshop Now Open

With the time ticking away before the holidays, we are busy helping our customers find items for their dogs: warm winter sweaters, coats, toys, and gorgeous collars and leashes.

If you are shopping for a dog-owning friend in another town, we'll be happy to gift wrap and ship your purchase to the gift recipient on your list. That way you can scratch one off the list, and we'll take care of everything. If you'd like to use this opportunity, just let us know immediately when you purchase your item, and we'll get the elves busy wrapping in some pretty Christmas paper. We use delivery confirmation on every order, so you can track your gift's path through the USPS website.

Today we listed a leash and solar-powered flashlight set that is top quality, high tech, and so useful this time of year. The light beams ahead of the dog and walker to illuminate the path. Terrific design, waterproof, and quite sturdy. This would be outstanding for a medium to large size dog.

These are a German design, such a functional and useful item. An all-round great idea for dog walkers everywhere.

No need to juggle a flashlight while you manage a leash, all in one piece, this lights the way with a strong solar-powered beam, making things easier for you and your dog.
Toys, leashes, and bandanas are easy to select and make great gifts for the dog owners you ship gifts to. Let us help you get the gifts out! Save time and post office lines when you buy your dog Christmas gifts from us.

Of course, we're happy to wrap for your own dog, too, so just tell us you want a gift wrap when you buy, and you'll receive your item in cheerful Christmas paper. No extra charge!