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Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Laughter to Share

Our dogs love to hear us laugh. They pick right up on the lighthearted mood. Like a windy day, silliness puts them in a giddy frame of mind.
This little blue guy is a toy with a manic laugh. The sound chip inside it makes a cascade of hearty laughter when the toy is shaken. Kind of like one of those folks in an audience whose laughter has a rolling crescendo that's so outrageous it becomes the joke itself.

This is a big toy with lots of party potential. Give your dogs something new to play with
and they'll enjoy making you laugh along with this little monster.

A hilarious new buddy for your best friend.

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Armed Forces Day Salute

Armed Forces Day Salute

We're having a special little sale today on all our patriotic dog gear. Ten percent off the regular price and ten percent of each sale donated to Wounded Warriors. Get your pup some patriotic items and help us honor and support our military.

 Here are some of our favorite videos of dogs greeting their returning soldiers:


Monday, May 11, 2015

Unicorn Chaser

A Unicorn Chaser, what we all need to combat the deluge of disturbing news stories and crass images that fill our media screens daily. Your dog will agree. He or she would love to become a Unicorn Chaser when  you toss this charming toy in a lively game of fetch.

Our dogs work hard to keep us upbeat, whether pestering us to go on a refreshing walk, or curling up on the rug to catch a sunbeam so we get the idea to slow down a little.

There are no Debbie Downer dogs. With all the fascinating scents along the trail, who needs to fret about the gridlock in Washington or try to unravel the lies of politicians? Each day is a wonder, and the past, as well as the future, can't make it less marvelous.

Maybe stopping to just enjoy a space of time and toss this toy for your dog would lift your spirits like the Unicorn Chaser we all need from time to time. Your dog will love the easy-grab horn and legs and the fluffy mane and tail for lots of playtime variety. Add some quality to your day and your dog's day with our pink unicorn plush toy!

Saturday, May 9, 2015

Mother's Day Present and Past

My first beloved dog was a Dachshund. One of the countless gifts my mom gave me, he was a promise kept. I spent the year before my 7th birthday looking forward to my own dog, buying a special bowl, gathering supplies, and being rather obsessed with becoming a Dachshund mom. That was a year in which family conflict boiled over, ending with divorce, and a lot of stress for my newly-single mom. In spite of all the challenges she faced, when my birthday arrived, a little short-haired, red, standard Dachshund was there to celebrate with me.

Herman was my best buddy for the next 14 years. I read aloud to him, walked him to the park with my friends, and trained him to jump hurdles and do obedience work. At the risk of being an obnoxious brag, he won the first place trophy in his obedience class. (And if you've ever trained a Dachshund,  you know I was rather relentless.) He was happy to sneeze on command, close doors that were ajar, or whatever I taught (and retaught) him to do. I eventually gave up my life goal of being a dog trainer, and became a school teacher. In a way Herman was my first pupil, and in a way my first kid.

We moved to sunny California, our neighborhood was lovely, and Herman, was always by my side. Of course there were moments, like the time he chewed a circle of fabric right out of our new living room rug, ate a starfish drying from a tide pool expedition and had to have his stomach pumped by the vet, and ruined my new school shoes by chewing the entire heel away. (This was a dog who eschewed chew toys, full of that trademark Dachshund independence.) He was always there, and a better childhood buddy I cannot imagine.

I often think about how graciously my mother managed those years alone with two kids, entirely reliant on her teacher salary to see us through. Like most moms, she never shared her worries and distress with us, but created a home filled with love, friends, and the kind of carefree childhood that everyone should enjoy.

Long story short, the picture up top is an early Mother's Day present from my own kid, who brought it from the Picasso Museum in Barcelona. We both love the simplicity of the image - one single line, that captures the Dachshund character so succinctly. That little refrigerator magnet means that Herman will be hanging out with me every day once again.

On Mother's Day I think of all the moms we remember and honor with cherished memories. I also think of all the dog moms who love their fur kids like I do, through thick and thin. And especially one beautiful, courageous mom who never broke her stride while providing a secure and loving family life for a young girl and her dog.

Friday, May 8, 2015

Get Ready!

That's a flea, folks. Our favorite new dog toy features your pet's arch enemy with a wonderfully sinister expression, dangling bungee legs for yanking, dragging, and tug o'war, plus a sound chip! The noise this toy makes is a very electronic-sounding "Boing!" When I received the toys from my supplier I set down the box they arrived in and heard this "Boing!" sound. Kinda like, "Let us outta here, Lady. We're here to infest your house!"

The body on these is about 4 1/2" long, and with the legs, they're a good size for every dog.

This is a flea your dog can have fun with!

For the real ones, however, we have some terrific products with Insect Shield.

Blankets for the beach, yard, or camping spot.


and a cargo cover for your vehicle.
Get ready for some comfortable travel and summer fun with
these fine products that will unfriend bugs!

Here an interesting article
  from the Wall Street Journal with more about
how Insect Shield and other helpful information
about protecting yourself and your family.

Defend your dog against all those irritating (at best),
 and health-threatening insects: mosquitos, ticks,
and the historic nemesis of our family pets,
this guy.

Let this be the only kind of flea your dog has to deal with this season.


Friday, May 1, 2015

Tubettini Cute Alert - Three Darling Dachshunds

This trio of adorable adventurers are our delightful Dachshund customers from Florida.

That's Jack on the left, Bentley in the middle of things, and Baby Girl Darla on the right.
These guys are so much fun. Their mom calls them her Tubettini.
That's an Italian take on the old frankfurter food reference for Dachsies.
 (And also a fun pasta shaped like our favorite long body dog.)

 Smart little dogs, and adventurous.
There's so much to enjoy in sunny Florida, where they live.
So what could be more fun than one Dachshund?
Well, three of them that like to team up and have fun together.
Getting together with family and friends and having a great time, isn't that what our dogs
remind us that it's really all about?
Our humble little pets truly are the wise ones, and by their happy presence show us the way.
These three little Dachshunds look for joy in every day, and find plenty
to share with their family and friends. 

Here at Dog City Dime Store our joy is getting to know all of our wonderful customers. Each of them brings a special happiness to those who share their homes and care for them. These three precious Tubettini are poster kids for how family dogs brighten our lives every day.