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Sunday, December 30, 2012

Departure Gate Goodbyes

Here is our wonderful customer Tucker, posing in his pirate costume a few Halloweens ago.
It struck me today, when we were saying goodbye to family departing for home, that one of the special comforts of our dog family members is that they never will set sail and leave us behind.

We are always so thrilled to have out-of-town family come to visit us, but there is that inevitably sad flyaway day at the end of every visit. Today was their time to leave for home.

Outside the SeaTac Airport terminal there were grandparents hugging their grandchildren one last time before departure, friends helping with luggage, and all the last look, last wave, trickle of tears sadness that parting inspires. When we returned home, that empty-house, post-holiday letdown that follows a warm holiday visit seemed to settle in around us.

Another of life's moments that makes us grateful one more time for our dogs, who never tire of their familiar surroundings and the home routines. They won't be growing up and going away to college or setting out to explore the world, not hardly. Their idea of home is where we are, and we are grateful to have them here with us every day.

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