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Friday, November 13, 2015

Holiday Sale is Here

We decided to start our holiday sale this week. Who wants to wait? Shop now and stay cool, calm, and collected when things get rushed. Have fun picking up something cute and interesting for your best friend, the granddog, the neighbor dog, or your dog-owning friends at work.

These buddies got together for a Christmas picture to show off their matching sweaters.

The little guy on the left is Taylor, who threw the party. Lots of joy in his expression!

 Everything is on sale right now, so stock up while supplies last! Buy three of anything and shipping's free in the USA!

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Go Pack Go!

Here is our adorable customer, Toby.

This little guy is all ready to cheer his Green Bay Packers on to victory today. With the most devoted fans in the NFL, and a powerhouse of a team, the little guy should have a great game to watch.

I'm sure he's thinking,  Go Pack Go! 

Saturday, September 5, 2015

Puppy Love

Nothing is more delightful than getting a picture of a precious puppy customer showing off her lovely new collar. This beautiful girl is wearing the owl design collar by Up Country, an outstanding American company.

These owls all have interesting expressions and amazing color combinations-

Beautifully handmade right here in the USA!

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Dog Costume Sale Week & Free Shipping

It's Halloween costume time at Dog City!
Save 15% on all our costumes this week
get free shipping.
We stock up in advance, then when our costumes sell out, we do not restock until
next year. Now is the time to get your pet's Halloween outfit at a terrific discount!

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Herman's Birthday Sale!

Today through the 19th of August all the items in our store are 10% off with free shipping! Great deal? Yes, a sale in honor of a best friend throughout childhood and my very first dog, HERMAN. Herman was a smooth, red Dachshund, born on August 19th so very long ago. He looked a lot like our charming customers from Florida in the picture above, silky soft and so much fun.

We have been busy listing Halloween costumes,

Christmas items,

fall sweaters, and lots of fun toys. Football season swag for all your favorite NFL and college teams is out there, too.

 It's a fine time to shop for your best friend.

These are just a few of the goodies you'll find in our store right now-

This poufy, plush pumpkin costume is soft, warm, and frighteningly cute.

These raincoats fold up to fit into their own pouch and come in many colors . Just what you'll need in the days ahead.

Grooming gear so you can groom your dog at home - terrific for the budget!

Quality, affordable dog grooming tools to keep your pet looking terrific.

Save money and get the best pick of our Fall merchandise. Shop the Herman's Birthday Sale!

Sunday, August 2, 2015

Freak Out!

How about this for a Halloween dog costume? Stuffed soft polyester that feels like imitation leather done in a reptilian, scaley texture. Can you say creepy? The stinger and claws are so detailed! An amazing costume for your pet that will make terrific pictures for your Halloween cards and messages.

Here's another new costume for us this year. So fuzzy and plump and realistic that I shuddered a little just unpacking these.

 Fuzzy fake spider fur with all the details of a tarantula. Your dog will love it when people shriek and freak when they see this creature coming towards them. A marvelous costume by Zack and Zoey, top quality and off the charts hideous.

Amazing dog costume that will be the hit or the horror of your party or trick-or-treating event. Have fun making some fun videos with your dog dressed up in these costumes!

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Looking ahead to Fall

That would be my little black poodle, Arlo, the year he was an ear of corn for Halloween. He had a little more decorum than his first puppy year, shown below in his monkey costume. (Notice that he completely ignores the cool banana toy to do a little carving of his own on the pumpkins.)

We know that it's early to shop for costumes, but are already listing a few of our favorites. More to be added, of course, but right now we're working on
bad boys like these -
fun Fall colors

and football!
New items added every day. Stop by for some great new Fall gear for your best friend!

Saturday, June 20, 2015

Stock the Toybox - Free Shipping this Weekend

We are offering free shipping on all toys this weekend, no limit! It's time to stock the toybox, get some fun items for neighbors and friends, and just grab a toy you think your dog would like before it goes the way of this guy. (One left in stock.)

We are always adding fun, new toys, but never restock on the ones currently listed. When they're gone, they're gone.

So our advice to you, which I know your dog would second, buy while they're available, because dog toys are always showing up in new and interesting styles.

Our customer Tina, is a dedicated crossing guard with several favorite dogs that join the parade of kids on their way to school. She  gets them all Christmas toys and watches for our markdowns and specials. New granddog? It's important to shower the new arrival with fun stuff.

With free shipping, you can afford to stock up and save. Some of our savvy holiday buyers are getting ready to start their gift selections. (August is a big month for all the Fall holidays around here, as we list our Halloween costumes and Some Christmas items on the 1st. Have fun and save!

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Sick with a Dog

This last week I was felled by what was probably one of the most evil viruses I've ever had the misfortune to "host." After swearing off any sandwich that contains mayonnaise not made in my own kitchen, I've pretty much began sleeping around the clock, sipping lots of water and struggling to stay upbeat. Usually upbeat and cheerful, this bug definitely was a quick trip to the slough of despair.

Fortunately, during my hazy convalescence, there was Arlo. Recently clipped into a fashionable retro cut, he hopped up on the couch and spent days by my side, trading his occasionally pesty behavior for the demeanor of a dedicated nurse. Calm, and present, he took his place by my side for days. Finally, able to get up and take him for an early morning excursion, he became his usual active self, and we greatly enjoyed our first day bordering on normalcy. 

What a gift to have a little pal see you through several days of a rugged bug!
Our dogs are so attuned to us, and really do their part when the weather gets rough.

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Laughter to Share

Our dogs love to hear us laugh. They pick right up on the lighthearted mood. Like a windy day, silliness puts them in a giddy frame of mind.
This little blue guy is a toy with a manic laugh. The sound chip inside it makes a cascade of hearty laughter when the toy is shaken. Kind of like one of those folks in an audience whose laughter has a rolling crescendo that's so outrageous it becomes the joke itself.

This is a big toy with lots of party potential. Give your dogs something new to play with
and they'll enjoy making you laugh along with this little monster.

A hilarious new buddy for your best friend.

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Armed Forces Day Salute

Armed Forces Day Salute

We're having a special little sale today on all our patriotic dog gear. Ten percent off the regular price and ten percent of each sale donated to Wounded Warriors. Get your pup some patriotic items and help us honor and support our military.

 Here are some of our favorite videos of dogs greeting their returning soldiers:


Monday, May 11, 2015

Unicorn Chaser

A Unicorn Chaser, what we all need to combat the deluge of disturbing news stories and crass images that fill our media screens daily. Your dog will agree. He or she would love to become a Unicorn Chaser when  you toss this charming toy in a lively game of fetch.

Our dogs work hard to keep us upbeat, whether pestering us to go on a refreshing walk, or curling up on the rug to catch a sunbeam so we get the idea to slow down a little.

There are no Debbie Downer dogs. With all the fascinating scents along the trail, who needs to fret about the gridlock in Washington or try to unravel the lies of politicians? Each day is a wonder, and the past, as well as the future, can't make it less marvelous.

Maybe stopping to just enjoy a space of time and toss this toy for your dog would lift your spirits like the Unicorn Chaser we all need from time to time. Your dog will love the easy-grab horn and legs and the fluffy mane and tail for lots of playtime variety. Add some quality to your day and your dog's day with our pink unicorn plush toy!

Saturday, May 9, 2015

Mother's Day Present and Past

My first beloved dog was a Dachshund. One of the countless gifts my mom gave me, he was a promise kept. I spent the year before my 7th birthday looking forward to my own dog, buying a special bowl, gathering supplies, and being rather obsessed with becoming a Dachshund mom. That was a year in which family conflict boiled over, ending with divorce, and a lot of stress for my newly-single mom. In spite of all the challenges she faced, when my birthday arrived, a little short-haired, red, standard Dachshund was there to celebrate with me.

Herman was my best buddy for the next 14 years. I read aloud to him, walked him to the park with my friends, and trained him to jump hurdles and do obedience work. At the risk of being an obnoxious brag, he won the first place trophy in his obedience class. (And if you've ever trained a Dachshund,  you know I was rather relentless.) He was happy to sneeze on command, close doors that were ajar, or whatever I taught (and retaught) him to do. I eventually gave up my life goal of being a dog trainer, and became a school teacher. In a way Herman was my first pupil, and in a way my first kid.

We moved to sunny California, our neighborhood was lovely, and Herman, was always by my side. Of course there were moments, like the time he chewed a circle of fabric right out of our new living room rug, ate a starfish drying from a tide pool expedition and had to have his stomach pumped by the vet, and ruined my new school shoes by chewing the entire heel away. (This was a dog who eschewed chew toys, full of that trademark Dachshund independence.) He was always there, and a better childhood buddy I cannot imagine.

I often think about how graciously my mother managed those years alone with two kids, entirely reliant on her teacher salary to see us through. Like most moms, she never shared her worries and distress with us, but created a home filled with love, friends, and the kind of carefree childhood that everyone should enjoy.

Long story short, the picture up top is an early Mother's Day present from my own kid, who brought it from the Picasso Museum in Barcelona. We both love the simplicity of the image - one single line, that captures the Dachshund character so succinctly. That little refrigerator magnet means that Herman will be hanging out with me every day once again.

On Mother's Day I think of all the moms we remember and honor with cherished memories. I also think of all the dog moms who love their fur kids like I do, through thick and thin. And especially one beautiful, courageous mom who never broke her stride while providing a secure and loving family life for a young girl and her dog.