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Friday, August 31, 2012

Halloween Costumes for Dogs - Nothing Scary

Our dog Halloween costumes are all listed, and here's a quick look at the collection.

This is a 1950s rock and roll poodle skirt and top. Sequin trim and pink satin, pretty white poodle appliques. This would not only be fun for Halloween, but a natural for a classic car show, 1950s theme event, or just a great excuse for your Poodle to stand on her hind legs and dance. (And all of us who have poodles know they won't need any encouragement to do that.)

Your dog doesn't have to be a poodle to wear this fun outfit, though. Adorable on every breed.

How about this diaphanous Sugar Plum Fairy-

Too gorgeous, with the petal skirt, fascinator with flowers, and those lovely lavender wings. If your little girls like fairies and princesses, the family dog just must have this costume.

The Queen of Hearts is so amazingly detailed.

This queen not only has a amazing dress, but a heart crown and plush, squeaky
white rabbit toy to rule. Any Alice in Wonderland occasion would be so perfect to
show of this amazing costume. Your dog will love the soft, squeaky white rabbit toy
that goes with the dress and crown to complete this top quality costume.

Of course, not every dog wants to be an ethereal fairy or ballet princess. 

Some of you have dogs like this bad boy -
who probably would choose this costume if he could shop on eBay.

What about this sweet little thing in the tulle skirt appliqued with pumpkins? Love the
sequined pumpkin on the tee for a bit of glimmer.

You don't have to wear a costume just for Halloween. Our costumes can go to so many
special events and occasions and bring lots of smiles.

Here's one for the neighborhood barbecue or football 
get together with friends.

Your dog can even be the football, and wear these silly 
goal posts on a hilarious headdress.

I love this adorable Scarecrow. Perfect for a harvest event, or Fall Farmer's Market 
day. Your dog will love the crow buddy toy that comes with it. 

Create a marvelous photograph with your dog in this costume, sitting in a pumpkin field to
publicize a Harvest Festival or Farm Market celebration, or maybe a Wizard of Oz production
in your community.  A great look for a Fall scrapbook layout.

Costumes like this just inspire creativity and fun.

Our Polly Parrot costume includes a feather headdress and layers of satiny ruffles
 in this colorful rainbow outfit. This pup looks like she belongs on a carnival float in
Rio. Terrific costume for Halloween and any festive occasion.

This may be the year that your dog decides to connect with his inner poodle.
Pink, curly, girly, and decked out with hair ribbons.

The whole point is having fun and having an excuse to take your dog along
for the Halloween parade, carnival, or trick-or-treat party.

This is what our little black poodle dog is going to be this year.

He'll step into his rough and tough persona and go around the neighborhood
delighting all the people on our block with his neat disguise and impressive claws.

Collars and leashes called "Spooky Night" might be the perfect accessory for your dog this season. The design, shown here, captures all the elements of Halloween on a smooth-finish, great-looking collar and leash. Perfect for your dog to wear while you bustle around doing all your Halloween shopping. The leash will be a great conversation piece for your crisp Fall walks at the dog park.

Have fun shopping our Halloween department in the store. We hope you find the perfect toy, accessory, or costume for your dog this year. Shop early while our selection is most complete!

Halloween - it's for fun.
 Candy, costumes, and nothing too scary. What a great excuse to laugh and enjoy Fall with your friends and family. At Dog City Dime Store we understand that a family circle includes our dogs.

Friday, August 24, 2012

It's time to shop for dog Halloween costumes. And who do we have here?
It's Little Red Riding Hood and (gulp) the Big Bad Wolf!!!
Notice the claws, and what big teeth he has!

Don't you just love the paw covers?
I can so see this costume on a short-haired dog!

Little Red Riding Hood looks so precious, all dolled up in red velvet with white eyelet trim and a lovely satin blouse.

The dress itself just shouts Oktoberfest! I love that dirndl style with Bavarian look bodice. We ship to Austria, Germany, and the Tyrol, so we're hoping some lucky dog there finds this fantastic costume.
The dress itself just makes you want to sing a chorus of Edelweiss. (I love this sung by the Vienna Boys' Choir, as well as the lovely scenery in the video.) click and enjoy

Your little fraulein will look perfect for Oktoberfest in this beautiful costume!

Halloween costumes for dogs have become a marvelous tradition. Now is the best time to shop for the most complete selection of styles and sizes. Take a picture of your dog(s) in costume and create some fun Halloween party invitations for your special event this year.

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Laugh Out Loud Dog Toys

Our dogs love to hear us laugh long and loud. A couple of our most popular dog toys are designed to amuse everyone at the dog park.
These are the Humunga Lips - a disguise that your dog will want to wear because the lips are attached to a ball he can fetch. The lips create a hilarious expression, and these make a great gift for the dog owners on your shopping list. See what your dog looks like with these sturdy, thick, lipsticked 3 3/4" wide lips smiling at you.

For some debonaire flair, try the Humunga Stache, one very suave mustache. Shown  in the small and large sizes in these pictures. We stock the Junior size, which is right in between the two, with a slick mustache that measures 6 inches across. Give your dog a whole new look and a fun retrieving object that will garner comedian status at your next family get-together or neighborhood event.

If your dog loves the audible toys, (and they all do), consider our cackling witch. We only have a limited supply of these, so pick up the gal with the spine-tingling, screaming laugh before she's flown right off the shelves. A toy that will take you back to the first time you watched The Wizard of Oz and freaked out hearing Margaret Hamilton as the Wicked Witch of the West.
 She measures 9 1/2" tall and would love to attend your Halloween party this year.
Your dog will be glad to give her the signal to shriek with that classic cackle.

Dogs can't laugh, but  they definitely appreciate good humor. These crazy toys will help your dogs give you and your friends something to smile about this year.

Friday, August 3, 2012

That's the cover for my notebook of fall inventory. We'll be busy getting everything ready for you in the next two weeks: Halloween costumes, toys, coats, sweaters, leashes, harnesses, collars, NFL and college football team gear - you name it. You'll soon find it here at Dog City Dime Store.

Right now, we're sorting, storing, and writing up amazing new items for your dogs. Be sure to stop by regularly to find some of the wonderful new fall treasures inside this book.

Meanwhile, enjoy your last leisurely week of summer! Just a few more days of utter relaxation before it's time to begin the back-to-school, get ready for autumn and the holidays season. We'll be listing all our holiday items asap, since so many of our customers like to stock up early while we have the best selection.

So while we're getting all spruced up for fall and winter, we're also trying to keep the dogs calm while they are hearing hydroplane races out on Lake Washington and the Blue Angels overhead. It's Sea Fair time here in Seattle, and the noise is more than our dogs appreciate. I guess I'll just have to keep trying to explain to them that it will only be a few short days before we're back to peaceful summer again. Meanwhile, the air show is phenomenal here in jet city.