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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Bring on Spring

Here in the Pacific Northwest we are very patient waiting for spring to arrive. There are always a few gloriously sunny days in April, inevitably followed by dark, rainy weather. As my friendly grocery clerk said just today, "We're almost there."

Here's a picture of our garden last year -

Just kidding, heh heh!
Actually, this is a view of the Butchart Gardens in Victoria, British Columbia, which we visited last summer. Lots of garden inspiration here.

I loved this combination of Dusty Miller and begonias. Stunning, and relatively low maintenance.

There is so much to look forward to for those of us who love to potter around in the yard.

These look a little outer spacey, but fascinating nevertheless.

Of course my favorite is the classic English cottage style, and the Butchart Gardens has a lovely display of mixed, full flower beds that capture the look perfectly.

But that's not all the Victoria has to offer. I found this sculpture in the downtown area quite charming.
Loved the little dog's expression-
(that is a monkey on her shoulder, by the way).

From the hills on the outskirts of town you can see this lovely vista.

We love our fresh air and water and lots of green year round here in the Pacific Northwest. Right now, however, we are ready to welcome that elusive and lovely visitor, Spring with open arms.

Monday, April 29, 2013

Happy Candy

Today we added some fun dog toys for the little dogs and puppies out there.

These are soft plush with embroidered faces. Fabric covers a rubber ball, 
so the smiling candy can be a retrieving toy as well as a fun buddy.
 These measure 6 1/2" from end to end, but the ball inside is only 3" in diameter,
so these will be just right for your puppies or small dogs.

They are just so cheerful, and each has a slightly different happy expression.

No sugar, just lots of fun for your little dogs.

Visit our store to see some fun new t-shirts, and be sure to
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that's going on with car harnesses and several other items!

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Doggie Dragons

Here is a motley bunch of dog buddies. Each of these is looking for a home with  a dog who appreciates having a big strong friend to wrestle.These are beautifully made with lots of dragonish detail. They stand 12" tall, so will be perfect for your medium to large pets.

This orange guy has some serious details and so many pickup points that even your small pack of little dogs will be able to drag him around the house.

I love the geeky expression on this one. Heart in hands, what more can we say. Dorky and adorable.

And the classic green dragon with webbing on the wings, big toenails, and a pink heart or two.

These are sensational stuffed animals, poly plush with squeakers. As decorative as they are fun for dog tussles. Just imagine how delighted your dog will be to have this guy emerge from a package.
Just wow, let the games begin.


Sunday, April 21, 2013

We love you Boston, and your terriers, too

Boston is a city with such great spirit, and our hearts and prayers have been there all week. I just loved this video of Neil Diamond singing Sweet Caroline at the Red Sox game.

Well, we're a long way from the East Coast here in the Northwest, but we've loved our visits to Boston and are so inspired by all its courageous citizens. You can pick up some Boston pride for your dog in our store today -

A portion of your purchase price goes to a Boston Terrier Rescue. The Boston
Terrier, one of the fine dog breeds developed right here in the USA.

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Celebrate the USA

Finally rested up from an all-nighter listening in to by Boston's finest and their amazing pursuit and capture, I'm stocking the store with lots of fun and new items.

The first will be our new patriotic items, so you can get ready for the holidays ahead. Of course American pride is always in style, so your dog can wear these any day of the year.

It's what the fashion people call a classic.

Many folks like to make their own party invitations and cards using
their pets in photos that depict a theme.

Getting ready for a party or parade, or gathering the family to welcome
back your enlisted loved one, wouldn't one of these fab sequined star shirts
be perfect for the family dog?

Right now we have these in red and blue, so you can color coordinate the pack.

Speaking of classics, these collars are good-looking every day of the year.

Look for more new clothing items, toys, and summer gear in the days ahead. As always, thank you for being part of our wonderful family of customers!

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Klepto Reptile

This is the enemy that your dog will love to challenge.  Not only is it a long, green snake -

It's a tennis ball stealer!

If you like to create games and challenges when you play with your dog, this is perfect.

Your dog's task will be to rescue the ball from the bad guy. Not that easy to do since this snake's
mouth is designed to clamp down and hold the tennis ball. 

Your dog will have fun taking on this klepto-reptile, who is great for keep things interesting..

The set includes a tennis ball that's just the right size to fit into the snake's jaws.
Nothing like a new toy to delight your best friend. Order yours today. 

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Play Ball!

It's time for America's favorite game - baseball!

These big, corduroy peanut toys have bungee arms that provide a lot of tug-of-war type action,
as well as handy pickup points so the little dogs can drag them around as well as the big dogs.

Of course our dogs don't observe sports seasons, they love to play ball all year long.

Our dogs' favorite ball is the high-bouncing fortune ball.

Along with some wise words of dog philosophy, these balls have a lively bounce and
comfortable size that make them popular with dogs large and small.

Maybe you missed picking up one of these for your dog's Easter basket.

We still have lots of these for year-round fun

If you click on the video in the column to the right, you'll see one of our customers enjoying his high-bouncing fortune ball. Lots of exercise, entertainment, and ball-playing fun right here.

These come in assorted colors with various fortunes, so kind of like one of those old-time
bubble gum purchases, part of the fun is seeing what you get. 

Your dog will love the springy action that will have her or him

bounding across  the field to pick up a grounder.

Our dogs love to play inside on a rainy day
(like we have occasionally here in Seattle)
and these high-bouncers offer lots of leaping and fetching 
opportunities in a limited space.

Order yours today, just in time for Spring Training!