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Friday, December 26, 2014

It's always sad to say goodbye to the Christmas celebration. So much fun with family and friends, and all that good food. Our dogs are pretty maxed out on ham, Christmas music, and squealing kids.

They're tired, in a good way, as they say. Right now the dogs are lounging around, gazing at the lighted tree, enjoying the scent of the evergreens, and a whiff of glazed ham that still lingers.

We hope that you and your dogs enjoyed your holidays as well, blessed with the love and peace of  the season.

Friday, December 12, 2014

Aaron Rodgers Dog Fan Green Bay Packers

Everyone needs someone to look up to. I know my little dog aspires to being the Aaron Rodgers of the dog league.

Despite the fact that he can't pass like Aaron, when it comes to zigzagging down the field, keeping an alert eye on all the action, and general intelligent athleticism, my little guy has a lot of talent.

We love our Packers and Green Bay fans here at Dog City Dime Store. One of the most popular sections of our store is the Green Bay Packer gear.

Recently we added this gorgeous football leather collar with laces, beautifully made.

Officially licensed, top quality, and even has a sturdy chain leash that coordinates perfectly for a total Green Bay dog set.
Of course all our Green Bay dogs love their jerseys.

Here's our handsome customer, Atlas, representing the pack in great style.

Dog gifts that all your fellow fans will love for their pets:

Pss't, just a tip - small bandanas are perfect for cats to wear on game day!

Doorbells designed for dogs who ring to signal it's time to go outside. (Of course you can always teach your dog to ring them when the Pack makes a great play, kinda like the championship belt move.)

Hang these on your front door to set the mood for game day parties.
You'll find toys and sweaters for your pack in our store, as well as

and couplers to walk two dogs at once.

Your dog wants to be part of the best team. Like my little guy, dogs naturally give their best on the field, so it's understandable that they'd admire Aaron Rodgers and all the other great players in the pack. And for team unity, who understands the concept of loyalty like a dog?

Our dogs have a lot in common with Green Bay Packers fans. Maybe that's why we appreciate them all so much here at Dog City Dime Store. 

Just three more words, fans and dogs, and make it loud and clear -
Go Pack Go!