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Sunday, September 22, 2013

Dog Pirate Costumes - Aargh!

Our customer Bugsy makes a lot of growly, snuffly noises. Kinda like you might expect from a real pirate. In fact, I think he looks a lot like an old time swashbuckler right out of a book by Robert Louis Stevenson.

Here he is in his pirate costume, complete with pants, blouse and vest, and parrot toy.

The elastic loop under the hat is conveniently camouflaged by his Bugsy's jowls.

He seems to have somewhat adopted the pirate persona here, looking rather "Aargh."

Pirate costumes aren't just for Halloween anymore. We ship them all year to dogs in various Pirate Festivals and events throughout the country. Halloween is a great time to get your gear for the year.

We have these in most sizes right now, so sail on over to our store
and find a great costume for your pet today.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

The 12th Man Has Four Legs

The 12th Man may be lying on the floor beside you as you read this. When you think about what makes an all-out sports fan, your dog pretty much embodies it all: lifelong loyalty to the group,  enthusiasm bordering on mania when the play gets good (like what happened here in Seattle last week), and everlasting fascination with the myriad ways athletes can interact with a ball.

You know that your dog would want to wear the team colors with pride,

walk on a leash that represents for the home team.

And sport an eye-catching bandana to wear when you geaux to the game day party.

 For sure he'd want an officially licensed toy to share with his buddies,
or use to get a good tug-of-war going.

We think that dogs find our enthusiasm for football pretty contagious. Like a stadium full of fans, they pick up on the group spirit in the same way their  ancestors supported the home pack. Kind of a give-it-your-best, give-it-your-all gusto that knows no restraint, with each individual bent on achieving the common goal.

The 12th Man on four legs loves football season, when the group gathers around and bonds over sumptuous food and brawny action on the field. Watch any group of dogs at play in a dog park capture the crazy choreography of the gridiron like they are born knowing the game.

Every dog understands that a successful retriever represents so much more than just bringing in a tattered tennis ball. Winning season or off year, the 12th Man is really all about loyalty. And who does that better than a dog?

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Bats with Bows and Mustaches

This time of year is always a treat because our Halloween costumes are so hilarious. We just added some marvelous batty goodies that your dogs will appreciate. How about these girl and guy bats?

Dogs love these toys because when you grab a wing they make a fascinating crinkly sound.
The dapper girl and guy bats are on the smaller side, perfect for even your small dogs to fetch and carry around.

This guy is larger, and would be a fantastic gift for the granddog, your dog, or a neighbor dog.

So far we've almost sold out of our prison inmate outfits.

We do still have a few of the pretty pink poodle outfits available,

and a couple of fun new costumes to add for the big dogs. For  Halloween we stock our selection early, then sell until we run out - no reordering. The fact is that manufacturers often run out of new product as well, so we encourage all our customers to shop early for the holidays.

If you're not looking for a costume, consider these eye-catching, bat-themed, Halloween season sweaters right here. Soft, cozy, just the cutest way to keep your dog warm when the chilly days arrive.

Shop early so you aren't disappointed. We have a variety of Halloween costumes for all types and sizes of dogs. One of these fangly characters would just love to come to your house and keep your dog entertained throughout the Halloween season.

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Green Bay Packers Dog Gear

If the name Aaron Rodgers means anything to you and you've been seen wearing the colors spinach green and cheddar gold, we just might have your dog gear.

Today we added a small boutique's worth of new Green Bay Packer dog items to our store, all for you folks that love our #12 jerseys and our Packers.

Long story short, here's what we listed today -

 your dog's own football with tug-of-war ropes on each end and a squeaker inside. This is a toy that promises lots of action, with many twists and turns and catches, your dog can fetch, carry, fumble, intercept, and probably slobber a little on this one. Your dog wants to be in the Green Bay Pack, so let's get ready for a little football!

Bandanas are always easy to fit, and your dogs will look great in pictures wearing their handsome scarves. Take some pictures of your dogs in gear and make cards, party invitations, or maybe a fun Christmas card for your fan friends.

We have leashes, collars, and couplers that allow you to walk two fans side-by-side, all with the eye-catching green logo.

Be sure to shop a.s.a.p. while we have all sizes in stock.

Here's another fab toy for tossing, catching, carrying,
and tearing down the field.

And a fine sweater vest that will keep your pal cozy when it's football weather
here real soon.

 (shop today while we have all sizes in stock)

Your dog is invited to join our Green Bay Pack, so stop by
and see what's new and we can all say -

Go Pack Go!