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Friday, July 13, 2012

Dog Car Harness for Your Best Friend

We sell dog car harnesses in several sizes and colors. All top quality construction and materials, ready to take your dog with you on the road. Here is our lovely customer Molly, safe and secure in her car harness.

What we love about this harness is that your dog can sit or lie down comfortably, all while secured to the seatbelt clasp. No worries about jumping out of the car, being thrown in case of a collision, or crawling out of the seat and creating a safety hazard. Concentrate on your driving while your best friend enjoys the ride.

Your pet will enjoy the view, the ride, and the journey while you can concentrate on the scenery and the navigation with a car harness for all  your errands, outings, and road trips.

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Dogs at the Beach

One of my favorite memories growing up on the northern California coast was taking out-of-town guests to visit the beach for the first time. There is nothing like that endless horizon and drama of the surf. Last week we took the dogs to the beach for the first time.

Of course we live on an island, so they had seen lots of docks and rocky beaches. The ocean beach here in Washington, however, is wild and rugged. It's not built for sunbathers, but beachcombers. You'd be wise to take along a lightweight jacket, as it's almost always windy. Kelp, sand dollars, driftwood, and a huge expanse of sand.

Arlo hit the ground running and just went wild tearing around at superdog speed. Hannah pottered along drinking in the smells and investigating all the interesting flotsam. The granddog fetched driftwood in the waves and tried to get the other two to join him in the water. It was a sandy drive home, with three silent, exhausted beachcombers on board.

One of the stops we made was a cannery called Nelson Crab Inc. They had just finished canning some Dungeness crab, so we picked up several for the home pantry. We got even more of the razor clams, as they are such a regional delicacy that we rarely see in local stores. If you ever get to Tokeland, Washington, be sure you stop by the cannery. It's been there since 1934, and their shrimp cocktails are simply the best.

Even if your dogs don't get to the beach this year, we have some nautical theme items that they will love.

Here is a Dungeness crab on a navy and white stripe harness with red trim.

 If you are heading for Tokeland, you may want to pick up this raincoat for your dog as well. It's perfect for the wind-blown sand as well as rain.

That crab logo is on the stuff sack that holds this raincoat when it's not in use. A fun design that makes this easy to toss into the car and carry along.
The raincoat just folds down into the pocket and is ready to travel. The lightweight, tightly woven fabric will shed sand and dry out quickly. Gotta love the image here.

We also have a sea turtle harness 

That's for you, Hawaii!

and a whale stowaway raincoat that would be perfect for boating or a walk along the Maine coast.

Dogs and the beach are a great way to spend time in the summer. Be sure you get your little beachcomber some practical nautical gear right here at 

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy Independence Day!

Wishing a Happy 4th of July to all of our wonderful customer friends!

The noise of fireworks are not something our family dogs appreciate. However, there is the grilled food, some fun in the sun, and a free country that values the joy and special gifts of dog companionship - so worth celebrating.

Sending some fresh, cool Pacific Northwest weather wishes to all of you enduring heat waves and drought this week.  If we could figure out a way to share some of our cool air and bountiful rain with you, we'd tuck some into every package.

Here are a few of songs for today -