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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Halloween Dog Costumes

Our costumes are flying out the door. So much fun to imagine all those dogs dressing up as penguins, witches, princes, and tigers.

The dogs at home are going to be a can of lite beer and a knight in shining armor. Always good for a hilarious picture and a visit to the neighbors on Halloween night. What dog doesn't love the attention she/he gets in a funny costume.

This pop-up witch is listed at a takeaway price, as well as our happy plump, plush pumpkin. A great size for little dogs.
The must-have, however, is the cackling witch. Hilarious and realistic screeching laugh that our dogs find irresistible.
This toy is perfect for small or large dogs. She'll add lots of fun to your Halloween celebration.

We're busy adding new winter items to the store, so check in often to see what's new. And remember, with the dark days of October, we need to have some crazy fun. So dress your dog up in a hilarious costume and grab a handful of candy corn. Halloween isn't just for kids anymore. It's time to laugh a little and get back to that kid-style fun we all remember so well.

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