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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Blanket Burrowing and Dachshunds

We don't know the parentage of our little adopted dog, although shelter workers guessed that she was Chihuahua (eyes) and Dachshund (length). Her coat is short and she seems to get cold easily. I'm really curious about her actual lineage, and this week found at least one positive genetic marker in the Dachshund column.

Remembering that my childhood pet, a Dachsie named Herman, loved to burrow under blankets, I went out and picked up a couple of inexpensive fleece throws (half-price at that), and proceeded to experiment. There are lots of citations on Dachshund sites about the blanket burrowing thing, so it seems to be a commonly observed trait.

When it was time to put the dogs to bed and turn down the heat a bit, I offered to cover up our little dog with a blankie. Well, Bingo! She looked at me with an expression of great appreciation, and proceeded to settle in for a nice warm sleep. Not one to kick off the blankets, or mess up the bedding, it was like tucking a child into bed at night. and has been every night since. Who'd have thought that a few dollars worth of blankets could be useful as a DNA test? I'm convinced we have at least some Dachshund here, sleeping soundly and contentedly in a soft blanket burrow.

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