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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Dog Wash Day

A sunny day in the Pacific Northwest is so appreciated this time of year. We take the opportunity to sit by a sunny window and enjoy a cup of coffee and a good book, watch for Bald Eagles circling over the water, or observe hummingbirds buzzing around their feeders like so many Starbucks customers. Since our hummers do not migrate in the winter, we make a special point of providing for these gorgeous little aerobats.

Light yes, warmth, not so much. Maybe a vigorous walk, or a little garden clearing to make way for the emerging bulbs is in order, but it's still the time of year to stay warm inside the house and enjoy the sunshine streaming through a window. The dogs understand this perfectly, and position themselves for sunbathing in all the optimal locations. It was so warm and cozy today, it was clear that a dog wash was in order. I worked so quickly, they barely had time to notice the grooming apron before being whisked into the laundry tub. They were soon done, and scented like Sugar Cookies (that's the actual dog shampoo we used), they lounged around like beachgoers in the Bahamas. No guilt, no shivering, no drama. The sun was on my side.

The luxury of warm sunlight after a dark, bleak winter here is so enriching. Even after putting up with a laundry tub bath, the dogs reveled in the warmth, moving like stage-wise performers to gain the spotlight and bask. Like our hummingbirds stopping to take a long sip at the feeder, we drank in the light and its warmth today. Tomorrow will probably have us back to gray skies and Vitamin D3 tablets, but today was pretty special, even if it was dog wash day.

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