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Sunday, May 13, 2012

Little Tough Dog Gear

It's a tough world out there, particularly if you're a six-pound guy in a dog park full of Labrador Retrievers. I guess that's why our little dogs like to put on that tough guy persona, with lots of growls and aggressive posturing. They have toys like these to toss around.

The images on this blue print captures the whole attitude perfectly.

And this hydrant is a great item for the larger dogs.  

Of course you'll want to get the matching collar and leash.

 Or perhaps your tough guy prefers a harness. These are soft and comfortable.

Our little guy loves his Tough Dog Mat. Flat enough to roll like a bedroll when we go 
on a road trip. This also works well for when the obedience teacher asks all dogs to 
"go to your place." Cool, soft, and portable, perfect for a short nap or a long snooze.

Big boy blue, with Bulldogs, bones, bowls, and hydrants, 
this print is perfect for your little dog with a big dog attitude.

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