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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Keeping Dogs Cool in a Heat Wave

Here we are in the Pacific Northwest, aghast at the weather reports from other parts of the USA. Days and days of triple digit temperatures, 90 plus degrees and 90% humidity, how do you endure it? Of course we have earned the title of Weather Wimps here, and although we put up with semi-darkness and dripping precipitation as often as not, we rarely have to suffer with the heat.

The good news is that we have a solution for you - or your dogs at least! The cooling jacket for dogs is a new product this year that has a tremendous fan base already. What's not to love?

The coat can be dipped in water, then popped in a plastic bag and put into your freezer. Then take it out and wait until it warms a bit (full directions come with this product), and put it on your dog for hours of refreshing coolness.

Remember the principle of the cooling effect of evaporating water? Taken to a new level right here.

It has gel packs that can be frozen and tucked into special pockets strategically located in the jacket where they'll work best to cool your dog.

Relief from a heat wave's misery, right here in one of the finest new items created for dogs. This is one product that your dog would be buying for himself if he could only get his paws on a keyboard. Available in our eBay store Dog City Dime Store
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