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Sunday, October 14, 2012

Halloween Dogs

Dogs forgive us for dressing them up in an outlandish outfit once a year because they just love to make people laugh.

Whether your dog is going as Frankenstein or the Sugar Plum Fairy from the Nutcracker

your enjoyment of their costume will make it all worthwhile.

Sometimes dogs even seem to change their behavior in costume, as if they are somehow stepping into a role. My active little poodle assumed an air of dignity and authority last year as an Ear of Corn.

Perhaps it was the height that the tassels added to his stature, or maybe just that feeling
of being on stage and in command. Our dogs do love the reaction that they receive, for sure.

Some of our costumes come with a theme toy that your dog can enjoy long after Halloween.
This scarecrow will be playing with the Black Crow Toy long after the pumpkins are gone.

Just like this Queen of Hearts will have her white rabbit as a special buddy forever,
if she's not a toy destroyer. This little Chihuahua does look like a kind Queen, don't you think?

Little Red Riding Hood can use her basket to hold a couple of biscuit treats
long after her fairy tale appearance with this bad boy

Our costumes are priced to fly like witches and bats. Pick up something fun and
enchanting for your best friend before our shelves our empty.

These prices are a steal!

Add some sparkle to your little fur girl's holiday 
with an outfit designed for fun!

Our prices are so low, it's scary!

Many of our costumes can be worn for other occasions throughout the year.
Like a game day party if you're cheering for the Tigers of Auburn 

or your favorite football team.

Sharing the fun of a 1950s retro-themed car show
with your pet,

or just being silly at your pet adoption event or neighborhood gathering.

Dogs don't get candy, but they do love the laughter and attention of their people.

Grab a great buy on a dog costume for your best friend today!

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