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Saturday, November 23, 2013

Free Dog Toy

Why is this dog smiling?

Well, he may know he looks a little silly layered up like that, but like so many of our customers, Bugsy really loves to wear clothes.

Now Bugsy is a guy who knows when the weather calls for an overcoat, or a raincoat, or a sweater.
Dogs here in Seattle keep their raincoats handy, so a walk doesn't have to leave them wet and cold for hours. Our raincoats all fold up into handy pouches that are easy to keep in a pocket, purse, or car.

On a Seattle day like this one, Arlo is happy to wear his hi-viz raincoat.

I keep it by the door next to his leash.

Taylor is another customer who just loves getting his warm outfits on 
when he goes out on a chilly Northern California day.

Staying warm and dry when the weather is blustery?

 What's not to like?

This little girl is not only ready for the rain, 
she's looking absolutely adorable.

If you get a lot of attention and compliments about your clothes,
 who doesn't like dressing up?

Best friend turned down the thermostat? No problem.
When the house gets cool, 
put your cute Nordic sweater on and get cozy.

Angelo knows that a soft, fleece-lined hoodie makes a winter day relaxing.

Keep your dog warm and comfortable this winter with some
great gear from Dog City Dime Store.

Our customers all love their cozy clothes.

(When you make your order leave a comment to let us know that "Bugsy sent you"
and we'll pack a fun toy in with your hoodie sweatshirt,
sweater, rain wear, or winter coat.)

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