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Saturday, February 1, 2014

Seattle Seahawks 12th Man Spirit

Wherever you go in Seattle this weekend, you'll find Seahawks spirit.
I decided to take a trip around Seattle to capture some 12th Man spirit. Whether you look down and see pavement art like this,

or look up and spot the Seahawks flags in every neighborhood,
it's clear that Seattle fans are all in.

Local businesses
have 12th Man flags flying high.
That's one big flag up there!
From the local vacuum shop

to your favorite Greek restaurant,

everybody's in this weekend.

Recognize this face?

Well, guess what? She's a fan!
That's a 12the Man flag atop her headquarters.
Boeing buildings are wearing the colors.

In fact, just about everybody working in Seattle is showing their support.
(Sorry my pictures are a little dark, but that's our weather.)

Yep, that's a 12th Man flag up there. And look closely here at the skyline for a few more.

Some favorite tourist spots are flying their Seahawks colors:

and that Mid Century Marvel, the Space Needle.

Not to mention some real old timers from the Pacific Northwest,

Looking for a victory tomorrow?
Here's a guy that's been out in the elements so long that his
jersey is a little faded.

Everywhere you look in Seattle there's someone dressed in Seahawks gear.

They're loud and they're proud.
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Enjoy the game!




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