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Friday, October 17, 2014

Seahawks Cat

One of our best kept secrets at Dog City Dime Store is our several regular customers
who aren't dogs at all!  Notice the rugged Rambo up there, wearing his Seahawks game day gear?
He's one of an elite coterie of cats who shop with us.

Of course Rambo prefers online shopping, to avoid encountering the frequently too-eager dog who may not appreciate his feline refinement. A discerning cat like Rambo can browse our store and find cushy beds, charming toys, and other eclectic items.

When it comes to sports fan gear, what could be better than a tasteful, small bandana to wear while you recline in a soft spot on the couch while the guests watch the game? Maybe even a nibble from the snack plate would be appropriate for this elegant gentleman, nattily clad in team logo gear.

One might even procure an entertaining mouse toy, while avoiding the crass crowds that frequent big box pet stores.

A soft mat is always appreciated by our cat customers, who enjoy shopping from the laps of their owners.

Kittens and convalescing cats love soft, snuggly carriers like these
as well as any panting Pomeranian.

This bed could as fashionably accommodate a cat as this sleepy puppy. Our pet beds are soft
and ever so comfortable.
So shop boldly, like Rambo, and enjoy your excursion, feline friends! We welcome you to prowl around our store any time of night or day, and peruse our listings at your leisure. I'm sure you understand that your patronage is highly valued, and we do our best to provide you with an unobtrusive, discreet shopping experience whenever you choose to visit us online.
And when it comes to sports fans, we are all in this together.

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