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Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Sick with a Dog

This last week I was felled by what was probably one of the most evil viruses I've ever had the misfortune to "host." After swearing off any sandwich that contains mayonnaise not made in my own kitchen, I've pretty much began sleeping around the clock, sipping lots of water and struggling to stay upbeat. Usually upbeat and cheerful, this bug definitely was a quick trip to the slough of despair.

Fortunately, during my hazy convalescence, there was Arlo. Recently clipped into a fashionable retro cut, he hopped up on the couch and spent days by my side, trading his occasionally pesty behavior for the demeanor of a dedicated nurse. Calm, and present, he took his place by my side for days. Finally, able to get up and take him for an early morning excursion, he became his usual active self, and we greatly enjoyed our first day bordering on normalcy. 

What a gift to have a little pal see you through several days of a rugged bug!
Our dogs are so attuned to us, and really do their part when the weather gets rough.

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