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Sunday, August 2, 2015

Freak Out!

How about this for a Halloween dog costume? Stuffed soft polyester that feels like imitation leather done in a reptilian, scaley texture. Can you say creepy? The stinger and claws are so detailed! An amazing costume for your pet that will make terrific pictures for your Halloween cards and messages.

Here's another new costume for us this year. So fuzzy and plump and realistic that I shuddered a little just unpacking these.

 Fuzzy fake spider fur with all the details of a tarantula. Your dog will love it when people shriek and freak when they see this creature coming towards them. A marvelous costume by Zack and Zoey, top quality and off the charts hideous.

Amazing dog costume that will be the hit or the horror of your party or trick-or-treating event. Have fun making some fun videos with your dog dressed up in these costumes!

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