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Friday, December 23, 2011

Christmas Wishes to All Our Wonderful Customers

Your sweet innocence and goodness

Your upbeat outlook that always expects the best

Your goofy antics that keep us lighthearted

Your calm dignity that connects us to the eternal truths 

and helps us to transcend the worries of today

Your eager cooperation in our holiday celebrations
Your sharing the outdoor trail of discovery, and helping us to appreciate the beauty in our natural surroundings

Your commitment to our homes and families

and your willingness to dress up for the occasion

Who can put a price on all these gifts our dogs so freely give us?

And even the magical addition to our dog family this fall
of a stray who waited in a shelter so long before 
she became our little girl

Destined to bring companionship to our dogs and ourselves
as she begins to understand that her place is safe and 
secure in our family home.

Precious Hannah,
our new dog and Arlo's special friend. 
Gentle and kind, affectionate and fun,
She loves his madcap personality!
(Here hamming it up as an ear of corn.)

What gifts our dogs give us everyday by their presence!
Our own connections to one another, through them, are precious friendships
and bonds that we value and cherish.
Thank you for being our customers and friends! Please give your precious pets
a hearty Christmas hug from all of us here at Dog City Dime Store.

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