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Saturday, November 26, 2011

Go Blue and Roll Tide

One of my favorite categories of dog supplies is sports team gear. Whether it's a Buckeye or Tiger, Aggie or Dawg, our football fan customers are enthusiastic and friendly.

That's why we stock team logo collars, leashes, sweaters, and even though it's way past Halloween season, Tiger costumes.
You know that a dog's idea of fun would be to indulge in some of that game day party food and see who's running with the ball. Our own dogs love to zip around the house, zigzagging like quarterbacks to keep the ball away from each other. No fetching for this crew They like to take off and be chased, block, and intercept when they see an opportunity. Coachless, but not without talent.

I'm sure that dogs love their football fan families, who cook and share great eats, love a fast-moving ball game, and shout out cryptic slogans like Roll Tide! 

In spite of the grim economy, negative news stories, and cold, dark days of fall, dogs, like football fans, know how to have a great time. As we say up here in the Pacific Northwest, Go Dawgs!

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