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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Bringing Home the Bacon

Arlo hates to stay home alone. This morning he was too tired to care much when I left for an early church service, seeing as we sprang forward and all. On the way home we stopped for breakfast at a great retro diner, which is always a treat. I was particularly delighted to get our favorite waiter: efficient, fast, and friendly. One of those people that earns a tip and a half and really makes you feel welcome.

At the end of the meal I had to ask for some wrapping to bring the bacon home to Arlo. (The little guy just loves it when I bring him a food surprise.) Not wanting to wrap greasy stuff in a napkin and ruin my purse, I explained to the waiter that I had this little dog at home...

He listened, nodded, then stepped away. Moments later he set a takeout box on the table, and held out his cell phone. There was a photo of  a couple of the cutest tan Chihuahuas. Their proud Papa told me a little bit about the two, and I realized that there was no need to apologize for packing up my dog treats; he understood everything. I've always said that dog owners are the most delightful people. And when sharing stories about our pets we create a kinship all our own.

Needless to say, Arlo was delighted with his bacon slices. He probably thought his prayers had been answered, even though he doesn't like it when I leave home without him. Glad that we only spring forward once a year, as this early bird stuff is for the birds.

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