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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Paul Frank Romance in France

Today we added some charming Paul Frank collars and leashes to the store. The name of this print is Ooh La La! The theme here is definitely love. Paris (there's la tour Eiffel), a lovestruck young man, another fellow wearing a beret, and a girl who may be just a bit indecisive, it's a little romantic novel for your dog.

The diamond ring, loves-me, loves-me-not flower, and heart-shaped box of chocolates all suggest the complications and intricacies of dating, love, and deciding who really is "the one." Well, we can all relate.
These are the leashes, and we also have some collars.

So I guess the question is, will she pick the guy in the beret or that other fellow? Hmmmm, something to ponder while you walk your dog in the warm days ahead. This gear is just so different, and what a great gift for a friend! Perhaps you know a dog-owning someone who is wrestling with a romantic decision of her or his own.

Your dog will take it all in stride, and love the attention that these adorable accessories will bring. Paul Frank is about fun, and these are definitely something to smile about.

Unique dog gear for the Paul Frank collector, a lighthearted take on the dating scene, and just a colorful, charming collar and leash for your best friend.

We love these fashionable accessories that will have the folks at  your dog park exclaiming, "Zut Alors!"

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