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Friday, May 8, 2015

Get Ready!

That's a flea, folks. Our favorite new dog toy features your pet's arch enemy with a wonderfully sinister expression, dangling bungee legs for yanking, dragging, and tug o'war, plus a sound chip! The noise this toy makes is a very electronic-sounding "Boing!" When I received the toys from my supplier I set down the box they arrived in and heard this "Boing!" sound. Kinda like, "Let us outta here, Lady. We're here to infest your house!"

The body on these is about 4 1/2" long, and with the legs, they're a good size for every dog.

This is a flea your dog can have fun with!

For the real ones, however, we have some terrific products with Insect Shield.

Blankets for the beach, yard, or camping spot.


and a cargo cover for your vehicle.
Get ready for some comfortable travel and summer fun with
these fine products that will unfriend bugs!

Here an interesting article
  from the Wall Street Journal with more about
how Insect Shield and other helpful information
about protecting yourself and your family.

Defend your dog against all those irritating (at best),
 and health-threatening insects: mosquitos, ticks,
and the historic nemesis of our family pets,
this guy.

Let this be the only kind of flea your dog has to deal with this season.


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