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Friday, February 22, 2013

Three Teacups Full of Fun

Poodles are among the most upbeat, amusing, and merry little dogs in the world. The Germans have a word that translates to literally "Poodle Happy"  meaning giddy and joyful. They are the dog world's natural anti-depressants, and remind us to celebrate the joy of life every day.

Here are some of the cutest and the smallest poodles we've seen in a long time.
Meet our new customers Ginger, Shadow, and Feather-

This little sweetheart named Ginger loves to run in the woods, snow, and mud. She weighs just a bit over three pounds and loves to chase deer (when she can get away with it).

Here is her little brother, Shadow, weighing in at three pounds soaking wet.

He so reminds me of my toy poodle, Arlo, when he was a puppy. Shadow will probably stay in the under four pound weight class forever. He has a talent for dancing, and does that famous circus poodle walk on his hind legs. Alert, adorable, and always ready to get in the middle of whatever activity is on today.

This adorable young lady is Feather. Doesn't she looks just like a little Disney princess prototype? Love that pretty hair and ribbons. The great thing for Feather is that her mom is her hairdresser!

When you have little dogs that need regular clipping and trimming it's a big payoff to learn to groom them at home. Not only can you save big money, but your dog would prefer a family groomer than some stranger in a big place filled with lots of commotion and big dogs. (Check out our grooming aprons, Easter bunny dog drying towels with snuggly hoods, and other items in the store!)

These lucky Teacup Poodles have a mom who has spent lots of time working with students, and Shadow's alert expression says that his is just waiting to learn what Mom is going to teach him today.

Three Teacups -  I wonder if that equals the caffeine in two cups of coffee?  This trio of dogs bring a lively cheerfulness and ready-to-go attitude to every day with their loving mom.

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