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Saturday, June 15, 2013

Shopping for Halloween

I must confess, I have been on a shopping binge recently. All for you, friends. Actually that would be for your dogs. It's the time of year to select our inventory of Halloween costumes, and I must admit, this year I went a little overboard.

That picture up there is when Arlo was a rowdy puppy. Although his monkey costume came with a nice, plush banana, he was more interested in attacking the eyebrows of our porch pumpkins.

His second year he got dressed up as an ear of corn. The little guy was finally beginning to mature a bit, and wore the kernels with dignity. (I think he liked the extra height that costume gave him.)

No pumpkin chewing this year, just one very impressive dog in disguise, like a harvest druid.

The thing about Halloween costumes is that they need to be hilarious, well-made, and suit the wearer. I thought of all of you while buying up so many of these. We'll have Extra Large to Extra Small, cute, creepy, and just so much really fun and amazing costumery.

Here is our customer Tucker, the most swashbuckling pirate
that ever sailed the seas.

We stock a few of our costumes throughout the year for special events and holidays, but come early Fall we'll be getting the entire selection online.

 At summer's end this little scarecrow might be fun to help you celebrate the harvest season.

If my pumpkin plants deliver on the 75-pound promise, maybe I can get Arlo to be my scarecrow for some pictures. (He does love to run after crows and see them fly up to get away from him.)

Because lots of people like to dress their dogs up for party invitation pictures and promotional flyers for special events, we'll be listing Halloween as soon as it arrives from the manufacturer. I'll post the date right here so you can select something perfect for your pet.

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