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Sunday, June 30, 2013

Too Early for Back to School

That's what they always say. School just ended here a week or so ago, so it's definitely too early to even whisper those scary words that start with the letters B, T, and S. So we'll just call this post

A is for Apple

I just love these leashes and collars! So cheerful and upbeat, like a trip to the farm market for bags of fresh produce.

This design is as eye-catching in the tiny sizes as it is in the Small. What little growler wouldn't look adorable in these happy apple collars.

The soft peachy-beige and cream background kinda suggests a basket to me, but perhaps that's because I'm in the farmer's market frame of mind. Nothing like the fresh strawberries, cherries, and all the other goodies.

Of course here in Washington state we love to try all the new and interesting apple varieties that come out every year, as well as our old favorites. Last year it was the Liberty Apple from Oregon that was my favorite, with the Honey Crisp a close second.

In another month or so we'll be heading to Eastern Washington for our annual apple buying venture.

Arlo's first road trip was traveling to the "other side of the mountains" as we call it here. Wheat and open spaces all the way make a very scenic drive.

Had to get out of the car and hold Arlo up to view that big shaggy beast in the distance. He didn't seem particularly impressed that it was a buffalo.

There are so many wonderful farm markets located in the apple growing region, it's difficult to choose just one.

I decided to go with the fruit stand that had the best selection of apples. Of course we had to bring home a few extra boxes for the neighbors and friends at home. The whole car had that great fresh apple smell on the ride home.

There's nothing like the first of the fresh crop, and with careful cool storage they keep for some time.

You don't have to wait until September to pick up some fresh apples, though. Find these collars and leashes in our store today!

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