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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Heart Melter

When choosing inventory for our dog store I try to combine quality, usefulness, fun, style, and a fresh look. It is always exciting to list new items to share with our customers.

Our latest is a leash and collar that is so perfect.

I'll let it introduce itself.

 "I'm A Heart Melter From A Shelter"

Done in a lively green, this is a design by Jill Rappaport from the 
Rescued Me line, made by Yellow Dog Design, right here in the USA.

Yellow Dog Design uses a dye-sublimating technique to 
lock the color into the polyester webbing so that your leash
will stay bright and colorful. 

This fresh green is like the new start your shelter pet begins when
he or she becomes part of your family.

We have this in all collar sizes and leashes as well.

What a great gift for a newly-adopted dog. 

And aren't all the puppies and dogs in the shelter heart melters? 
A terrific leash for your rescue pet.

Here's our little heart melter, Hannah, who left the shelter just about two years ago.
On that ride to our home she was trembling, but brave.

Who knows what she had endured during her days as a stray. 

When she first arrived going through a doorway to outside
was difficult for her. She'd freeze in place, wanting to
walk over the threshold, but frightened.

 Hannah soon adapted to our home and family 
with poise and courage. Always the politest little dog
around, and a watchdog who means business.

She loves a soft, warm spot to snuggle up in,

and enjoys her morning stroll.

A precious heart melter like all the worthy animals at the shelter.

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