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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

24/7 Dog Shopping

Well, the government may be shut down, but we are open around the clock, as usual. Busy, busy, busy listing all kinds of wonderful winter dog gear.

Have a look at what we just added to our store.

This little Silly wearing the owl hat and sweater will stay cozy and adorable.
The hat has a space for ears, so the little guy will appreciate the extra warmth.

 We have these in tiny dog and puppy sizes XXS and XS.

 There is a penguin that is spelled C-U-T-E.

You'll find lots of new Nordic pattern sweaters. The classic Scandinavian designs are timeless. We stock these in most Small to Medium sizes. The Fair Isle patterns combine colors uniquely.

These are also fun if you have two dogs. Max gets the blue-green, Frieda the raspberry-orange.

When the news is discouraging, at best, and the cold, rainy weather descends like 
a bad mood, bring some Joy into your life with this lovely little design.

You know it's a message that your dog would love to wear.

Our dogs remain oblivious to the negativity,  reliable reminders that there's
fun to be found in every day. We just need to look in all the right places.

When it comes to appreciating every day,
all dogs are guide dogs leading the way.

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