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Saturday, May 17, 2014

Cloudy with a car ride

Today it finally cooled off here in Seattle. We are so glad to have our fresh, slightly overcast, native weather back. Decided to take a trip out to Ikea for some storage cubes. I do know that really organized people don't shop chronically for storage systems, etc. However, I did need something to contain my 3-ring binders which keep all my projects sorted, so there you go.

Arlo on his first Halloween. Little did I know that the monkey outfit
would match his personality. Note the abandoned banana toy in favor
of doing a little pumpkin carving of his own.

Arlo loves any outing, and being the gifted and spoiled little poodle that he is, I brought him along, if only for some people watching in the parking garage, and of course a little bite of lunch leftovers. My husband leaned over to him in the car and said, "Cloudy with a chance of meatballs," and the little guy looked pleased. He's always delighted just to be going along.

For a cross-town road trip, or a longer journey with your pet(s), today I ordered some very nice car harnesses for the store. These will work in the car for safe riding, and also function as walking harnesses when you reach your destination. Required in many states, car harnesses keep your dog safe on the seat and allow freedom of movement and good visibility. Look for these early next week.

Now to get those binders all lined up in their places...

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