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Saturday, June 21, 2014

Puppy Happiness

One of the great joys of having a dog store is getting to know all of our customers and their pets. How about this adorable baby girl? She is the light of her mom's life this summer. There really is no such thing as too cute, fortunately for this precious girl.

A new puppy is so much fun, but certainly work. Those housetraining trips that interrupt your sleep, little needle teeth that need to constantly be working on something, and the scheduling demands that are necessary to develop good habits, it's work all right. But oh, that puppy breath smell! That cheerful, what are we doing today, tail-wagging attitude is such a joy.

I've always thought that dogs teach us so much. And they start their lessons early, even in puppyhood. While we're trying to convey to them the basics of walking on a leash and making timely visits to that rest room in the great outdoors, puppies are showing us just how fascinating something as simple as a leaf can be. They remind us that if you're tired, the best thing to do is just curl up and nap for awhile.

Their innocent trust and unconditional affection are gifts that are freely bestowed on us as dog owners, or as we sometimes consider ourselves, dog parents. What an amazing and simple joy it is to interact with these precious furries who embrace the present, yet are so untainted by all that is shallow and disappointing in the world around us. How rich we are to share our lives with these little beings who renew us with their simple goodness.

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