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Saturday, July 26, 2014

Dog Show Day

Meeting and greeting all the wonderful dogs and their proud owners makes a day at the dog show so much fun. This was the first time I'd ever met a Glen of Imaal Terrier in person.
Low to the ground, but sturdy, with an amazing heather gray coat. I so enjoy hearing about the breed characteristics from an friendly owner. This guy was definitely a friend to children.

The agility ring was busy with superb athletes large and small.

The dogs have style, speed, and a joie de vivre that delight the audience.

We know that the Basset Hound has long ears and a sturdy frame, but there's nothing like seeing one close up to really appreciate a droll dude like this.

Here is a breed that was new to me - The Norrbottenspets. (Sorry for the sideways view - )

This dog is a fabulous hunter from Sweden, lively, noisy when hunting, and a nice medium 20-30 pound size. The coat is somewhat flatter than the other Nordic breeds. Alert and intelligent, these dogs have a natural appearance and seem very fit and alert. A fun breed for dog sports of all kinds.

And who is this? The great granddaddy of the modern poodle? In a way, he is. The Lagotto Romagnolo, or Italian Truffle Hunting Dog, has been in the north-eastern part of Italy working as a retriever since Etruscan times. Curly-haired, friendly, attached to his owner, and naturally obedient. Sounds like my Poodle! No shedding to speak of, so just a little trimming for these guys. Unusual and varied coloration and a nice medium size dog that would be fun if you live near the water.

This newcomer has so much going for him, I predict that we'll be seeing lots more of them in the future.

Here's a fine-looking fellow enjoying the show. Love that spot on the back. There's nothing like an Old English Bulldog to add gravitas and authority to the day.

And who doesn't recognize this adorable dog, who skipped down the yellow brick road of our childhood. Cairn Terriers excel at agility, and have a friendly, outgoing manner and classic style that explains why their popularity has endured for so many years.

This fellow's mom explained it quite simply, "Melts at high temperatures." Calm in the midst of a roomful of strangers, the Bloodhound has such a marvelous disposition and appearance.

The Chinook is called a "true American breed" as it was developed in Wonalancet, New Hampshire. The foundation dogs were descendents of the Greenland Husky lead dog that Admiral Peary took to Greenland, and a farm mastiff type dog contributed a stable sturdiness. The original Chinook was part of Admiral Richard E Byrd's Antarctic expedition. Strong, stable, trainable, and a great family dog that is particularly devoted to children, the Chinook has a long list of attributes to recommend it. Mellow and intelligent is how they looked to me.

I love seeing dogs beautifully groomed. This Old English Sheepdog certainly was turned out perfectly and had a delightful disposition. That is what I call attentive.

Here's another handsome dog, all shiny and fluffy. A gorgeous Newfie with a calm, intelligent expression.

This Dutch Kooikerhondje is another breed that I found very engaging. Intelligent, smaller (15" at shoulder, about 25 pounds), lovely easy-care coat and simply charming in person.
I can say it,  koi-ker-hon-chuh, but I don't think I could spell it without some practice.

Lively and agile are the words used to describe these clever dogs, who were used to lure ducks into a trap called an Enderkooi. I'm sure that work required some quick thinking and problem solving.

My impression is that these dogs are bright and trainable. Calm, yet alert, very sweet to meet.

So much of a winning dog's presentation is elegant movement. Everyone enjoys watching the dogs in the ring. They are all magnificent in their own way.

Do you love the style with which this elegant Greyhound has casually arranged her paws? I'm sure that a day of dog showing can get rather tiring.

Being a show dog requires a lot from the dogs. Their owners put in considerable effort, too, to share their knowledge and understanding of the different breeds with visitors. Perhaps prospective dog owners can discover what type of dog is perfect for their family and lifestyle at the dog show.
It is a fine occasion to celebrate the marvelous variety in the world of dogs.  

All good for positive pet ownership, and a fun day when every dog is truly a winner.

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