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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Dog Perfume

Today it was gorgeous here in the Pacific Northwest. We took the dogs out to the country for a run at our favorite spot on a meandering river. I wish I'd taken a few pictures of the sky - it was too blue to be true, the kind of color that amateur painters like to use, but it never looks real. Arlo and the granddog like to run, while Hannah does a brisk walk, stopping occasionally to catch a new scent.

What I didn't notice until it was too late was her rolling her shoulders on a particular spot on the road. Which, on closer inspection, was a flat, felty-looking patch that clearly had been an animal once long ago. She was obviously delighted with the scent.

By the time we got home, it was clear that a bath was in order. Eau de critter was so strong, it was obvious that the girl needed a spa treatment. After lots of sudsing with a dog shampoo called Christmas Cookie  (my kind of scent), she did some serious sunbathing and warmed right up. This first scent of spring, with its bright sun and warmer temperatures has us all a little giddy. It's been such a long and dark winter, (like it is every year here, but after June we always forget), and when the sun is bright our dogs show they know how to enjoy it. Whether it's a romp in the country or a heavy-lidded basking session, sunshine makes a good day extra fine. We'll just avoid letting a certain long-bodied dog indulge in the Road Kill perfume next time.

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