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Monday, May 11, 2015

Unicorn Chaser

A Unicorn Chaser, what we all need to combat the deluge of disturbing news stories and crass images that fill our media screens daily. Your dog will agree. He or she would love to become a Unicorn Chaser when  you toss this charming toy in a lively game of fetch.

Our dogs work hard to keep us upbeat, whether pestering us to go on a refreshing walk, or curling up on the rug to catch a sunbeam so we get the idea to slow down a little.

There are no Debbie Downer dogs. With all the fascinating scents along the trail, who needs to fret about the gridlock in Washington or try to unravel the lies of politicians? Each day is a wonder, and the past, as well as the future, can't make it less marvelous.

Maybe stopping to just enjoy a space of time and toss this toy for your dog would lift your spirits like the Unicorn Chaser we all need from time to time. Your dog will love the easy-grab horn and legs and the fluffy mane and tail for lots of playtime variety. Add some quality to your day and your dog's day with our pink unicorn plush toy!

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