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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Christmas Dog Cheer

one of the lovely Huskies owned by our customer and friend on the coast of Scotland
So, are we dreaming of a white Christmas? Maybe some interesting and interactive toys. Perhaps this gingerbread house with smaller takeout units.

Each one of the smaller toys has a squeaker, and it's quite a challenge to remove them from the house itself.

What I love about this dog toy is that it is actually four in one. Perfect for the multi-dog household (like ours). This is a great time to pick out your Christmas toys while we have our best selection.

It's also a good time to plan the holiday cooking. Around here, this will be the year we serve Gingerbread Waffles. This recipe looks like a winner. Here's another recipe by Rachael Ray. I hope the reviewers are right on these.

My small dogs give this favorite dog Christmas toy a rave review! 
A very enthusiastic wag and yap for the plush gingerbread house and the three little toys that live there.

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