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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Top Dog Model

I think we've found the next dog fashion world top model. Of course she has great bone structure and a toned body. But there's that kind of  "I could clean your clock with one punch," and "I make more money in one shoot than you do in a year" attitude in her slightly indulgent expression that gives luxury brands their cachet

Meet Darla!
Here she is, modeling a football team jersey the way it's meant to be worn.

Notice how her gaze extends far beyond beyond the camera, and she has artistically arranged her legs in an unassuming, casual dominance. We see that Darla is a New England Patriots fan, with the natural talent of her favorite quarterback, #12.

Here she is, in a more pensive mood, as if reliving the twists and turns of last weekend's game. (Can you spell mistakes?) Her range of expressions offers a designer unlimited opportunities to showcase quality clothing. The effortlessly displayed sleeve borders say so much about this jersey's soft, comfortable wearability. Darla's set jowls say everything that needs to be said about her fierce loyalty to the team.

With a slightly quizzical expression and a subtle shift in mood, Darla could be wondering if it might not be time for a small slice of smoked chicken, or a bit of salami from the game day party tray. We say she's earned it.

Way to go top model! Thank you for sharing some fabulous dog fashion with the world.

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