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Friday, November 30, 2012

Clean Sweeping the Monkey House

Today I am liberating a passel of monkeys. Dog toys, that is. All sizes, flat, stuffed, super squeaky, pink lipstick and lace, star quarterback jersey and knit hat, and Christmas outfits.
It's SALE time!

I just fell in love with these charming little toys and bought a bunch of them. The expressions are so ingenuous, and their clothes are quite stylish in the way that toddler clothes have a certain look.

The girl monkey's name is Tiff. (I suppose that's short for Tiffany.) She is the girly-girl
type, and favors lace and hair decs, and sometimes even a little lipstick, 
like the touch of pink on this rolling ball toy.

Now Ty, (I figure that's short for Tyler), is a happy guy, and likes his all-star sports jersey and matching, goofy hat with a pompom. He looks like he's easygoing and fun.

Fun for your dog, that is. The thing dogs love about squeaky toys like this is that they have lots of pickup points, which make them great objects for a fetch and toss indoor exercise session. That's where those ears come in handy, especially for small dogs.

These flat-body monkeys are extra special. All those lumps are squeakers, hence their name -
SQUEAKTACULARs. They each have eight squeakers, which will probably drive you nuts if you have an obsessive dog like our Lab-Border Collie Mix, who never gets tired of making noisemaker toys make noise.

You can even get these in Christmas outfits. I think these are sort of like the American Girl 
Dolls. Iconic and varied, yet all have that same wholesome, sweet expression.

Here's Ty with a rubber ball inside that plush, and also a hidden squeaker. This is a ball my dogs love. Easy pickup, lots of character, and we have these in Christmas themes as well.

Don't you just love Tiff's red lipstick? 

So because I got so many of these guys, and I store my inventory in clear plastic boxes, their faces have been looking at me lately. They seem to be saying that they are anxious to go to their new homes - where they can be a dog's best friend. Maybe even a favorite Christmas present.

I'm selling them at terrific prices this week. Because cute doesn't have to be expensive, and there are dogs and puppies out there just dreaming of a terrific Christmas toy like one of these.

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