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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Sightseeing in Rain City

Today was set aside for touring visiting relative around town. Our toy poodle, Arlo,  joined us for a visit to several fun spots in Seattle. (Well, I should say he spent most of his time in the car, but he did take a short walk in the International District, or ID as we refer to our Asian center.) I like it that he can become a city boy and walk nicely on his leash. He hates to stay home with the other dogs, and identifies more as a Momma's boy than a member of the pack, so he was glad to be included, even as a car passenger.

Rain is de rigueur in Seattle this time of year, but not the wild, torrential cloudbursts we dodged today. The fish throwing team at Pike Place Market tossed a few Dungeness Crabs to us, and a loaf of Fremont Sourdough Bread from the Three Girls Bakery provided us with an easy and fun dinner for our houseguest.

Arlo was particularly interested in the crab shells, and made a manly effort to snag a few during the kitchen cleanup. He had to make do with a little special topping on his kibble instead, a little drizzle of melted butter that had a few crab legs dragged through it for extra flavor. The little guy enjoyed his day in the big city and was glad to get home to his doughnut bed with plush lining. We have a couple of these in the store right now in Christmas colors. So soft and perfect for snuggling.

Too bad they don't make these for people. After a busy day of shopping and touring around town, it looks very inviting.

Tomorrow will be time to bake Pumpkin Pies and Almond Cake. Also, we'll  be getting all your dog's winter and holiday gear listed so you can join us on Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and the weekend in between for some astounding sales and monstrous mark-downs.

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