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Thursday, November 1, 2012

Dog Raincoats

Here's Arlo contemplating the scent of fallen leaves and who knows what else.
In Seattle, we know about raincoats, and so do our dogs. Since we've just begun our season of dark days and pretty much constant rain, (a character-building challenge that causes us to brew large pots of coffee twice a day), we think it's time to show you the typical Pacific Northwest outdoor look.

Notice the tab above the lash slot (turned up here) that flaps down to keep your dog dry while he's walking on the leash.

Contrary to what you may think, hardly anyone in Seattle uses an umbrella. We simply flip up the hood on our parkas and carry on.

We liked the red eye effect here just for fun. After all, it is Halloween!

A hood offers protection from the world and keeps that topknot dry.

The first winter after we migrated here from California I received some sage advice from the friendly owner of our local yarn shop. She said, "You have to learn to enjoy a walk in the rain." In other words, get out in the liquid sunshine and enjoy it.

Wise words, indeed. If walking has the power to relax and restore us mentally, I'd argue that walking in the rain adds a special quality to contemplation.

Here's Hannah after her morning walk, snug and dry, although her raincoat is topped with raindrops. Perhaps she is processing the collage of scent messages she gathered along that woodsy path.

In the rainy season, vitamin D supplements, coffee, and good books are only part of the happiness equation. One must get some daily exercise. Our dogs definitely agree.

Hannah and Arlo wanted to show you how they dress for the rainy days, and remind you not to let a few raindrops get between you and a healthy walk

They enjoy their raincoats and think your dog will love one, too. We have these is several colors, along with a couple of other styles you may like. Just visit the store to see more.

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