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Sunday, February 3, 2013

Keeping Clam

Our dog Hannah loves to snuggle up and get cozy. Here she is with her buddy Arlo.

She would be even happier to have that blanket pulled up to her chin, and loves to be
 tucked in with a cover over her when she goes to sleep at night.

Arlo is that black blob on the left, actually a seven-pound Toy Poodle who just happens to be strangely unphotographable.

Why doesn't he show up for the camera like our sweet customer Miller and his friend,

or Onyx

or Angelo?

Anyway, Arlo's the guy on the left. 
 You'll have to take my word for it,  
that is a dog next to Hannah.

We don't sell the product that you'll see next, but I want to share it with you
in case you have a burrower like Hannah. She thinks it's the greatest!

This is called the Pet Cave, and it looks like an open clam.

Here she is, all snuggled in for the night. 

I have to admit, I was skeptical at first. Would she use it? Would it scare her?

After I set it up Hannah took one look and proceeded to tunnel right in to her Pet Cave.

Some nights you'll see just a foot sticking out, 
sometimes her nose is on the outside, sometimes her tail.
She's a happy camper in her clam bed.

Seattle's legendary Ivar Haglund popularized the phrase
Keep Clam
to invite everyone to his seafood restaurants
 and fish bars. Ivar's still serves the best fish and chips,
clams, and chowder in town! 

Hannah has her own version of keeping 
clam in her Pet Cave, and recommends this cozy bed 
for all your burrowing dogs who love to stay warm.

(Arlo sneaks in to nap in the clam bed when Hannah's not around.)
When she's clammed up, no sensible dog would consider approaching it.

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