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Monday, March 18, 2013

Fresh Toys

Today I began to list all the new toys we have for spring, as well as some shirts and jerseys.

We have owls of all kinds.

I love this sleepyhead,
and this cutie,
and this guy with the Duchenne smile

All of these complement our woodland owl theme gear -

We even have these related owls in two sizes, so you can choose one for your little dog and one for your big guy.

These guys make a real hooting sound that will thrill your dogs.

We have two sizes in the Flexa-Flyers, also. Lots of size variety in toys right now.

This little apple is perfect for the teacup dogs and small puppies, as it measures 3 1/2"  and is
just right for the little ones. In the same size range you'll find this cute berry - squeaky and soft.

More healthy choices for the medium size dogs with these new toys -

There's lots more being added this week, so be sure you stop by and see what's new.

Don't forget your pet's Easter bunny. Ours are hopping down the bunny trail to their new homes, so pick out a cute one for your best friend while we still have lots to choose from. Shipping is free on all our Easter rabbits this year, so get hop on over and shop with us!

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