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Saturday, March 30, 2013

Black Jack Rabbit

Who is that jumping through the grass? The leaps are so rabbity,
for a moment I thought it was a sighting of the rare Black Jack Rabbit.

Then again it's almost Easter, and I've got bunnies on my mind.

Here in the Pacific Northwest we get kind of manic when spring begins. After so many months of overcast and drizzle, we welcome the first days of spring with amazement. Those sunglasses we got last summer, time to get them out and squint at the sky. Very often you'll see bald eagles
soaring out here in the Snoqualmie Valley, a lovely spot about 20 miles east of Seattle

This is one of our favorite spaces to take the dogs to run. It's the closed end of a seldom-used road that runs alongside a river. Lots of fresh air, and a great big meadow that the dogs enjoy.

The granddog likes to lope along and catch up on his fetching. He's eleven now, and
still loves to loop the field like his Border Collie ancestors, rounding up tennis balls.

Hannah prefers to trot around officiously inspecting everything. There's lots to do,

with so many great sniffing spots nearby.

Probably lots of local critters that amble through this brush on their way to the river.

The air smells like farm animals and riverbank. We think of this as our "country place."

Green is what we do best here in the Pacific Northwest.

This is where Arlo can really stretch out and run. He warms up with that rocking poodle gait,
ears flying - the retro poodle image that I love so well. Joy in motion.

Then works up to some amazing sprints,

striving to stay airborne for as long as possible.

Our dogs don't get riled up about political corruption or mired in petty squabbles, but choose to savor the good things of life. Their simple dog philosophy inspires us every day.

Best wishes to all our wonderful customers for a beautiful spring and a joyous Easter.

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