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Monday, March 4, 2013

Easter Bunny Invasion

It's not too early to be selecting a fine Easter Bunny for your dog this year. We have some bunnies and ducklings that are sure to please.

All these bunnies have the sweetest faces, soft plush, squeakers, and lots of Easter charm.

This cutie is the softest thing - designed to be a cuddly toy
for puppies and a best buddy for larger dogs.

I love those flowers on the bottoms of its feet. 

Amazingly soft, and round in the tummy, with a comforting plush that would be so loved by a puppy.

It has the look of a sweet baby itself, kind of soft and sleepy.

Next we have a group of three related rabbits - 



and brown

Each is holding a soft carrot, which gives your dog lots of handy pickup points for
fetching this little buddy and carrying it around.

Here are the "Happy Hoppers,"
 sweet and colorful, with soft, thick
plush and such sweet expressions.

But what about that yellow guy there with the orange beak?

He has kind of a "Who are you looking at?" bit of attitude, don't you think?

This is not only a fun, floppy yellow duckie toy,

but has a sound chip that makes a great bird call chirping noise
when the duckie is shaken.

But that's  not all, as they say on television,
its wings make a crinkly sound when the duck is handled, 
which gives this guy extra dog appeal.

We have some ducky tank tops 

and lovely little collars as well.

There'll be Easter designer collars this week, and of course,
more toys.

Be sure to consider one of our customers' favorites as you
assemble your dog's Easter basket this year -

our fun fortune balls.

These are super high bouncers, sturdy and hollow, and each has

a different doggy fortune written on it.

We select the color and fortune, so no telling what your dog will draw.

As fun as fortune cookies, only they'll be around to
fetch for many a day.

 Be sure you check our store this week, as we'll be listing
beautiful new designer Easter collars, not to mention the 
beginning of our huge spring and summer inventory.

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