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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Doggie Dragons

Here is a motley bunch of dog buddies. Each of these is looking for a home with  a dog who appreciates having a big strong friend to wrestle.These are beautifully made with lots of dragonish detail. They stand 12" tall, so will be perfect for your medium to large pets.

This orange guy has some serious details and so many pickup points that even your small pack of little dogs will be able to drag him around the house.

I love the geeky expression on this one. Heart in hands, what more can we say. Dorky and adorable.

And the classic green dragon with webbing on the wings, big toenails, and a pink heart or two.

These are sensational stuffed animals, poly plush with squeakers. As decorative as they are fun for dog tussles. Just imagine how delighted your dog will be to have this guy emerge from a package.
Just wow, let the games begin.


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